The Whim of Jesus … Monday, July 1

A Rosary Meditation … The Third Joyful Mystery, the Nativity. “I made the resolution never to consider whether the things commanded me appeared useful or not…. it is love alone that counts. Forget about whether something is needed or useful; see it (the demand, rule, obligation, etc.) as a whim of Jesus.” St Therese of the Child Jesus and the Holy Face.

Who would have thought that a baby, born into poverty, born under the heel of an oppressor like the Roman Empire, hunted down with murderous intent as soon as it entered into the world, born of a race despised by other races, born in a manger, could or would make any difference in the world? And who would have thought that 2,000 years after the birth the world would still be reeling because of that Baby? Make the resolution not to worry about any of these things. It is Love alone that counts. Forget about whether or not we understand or the world appreciates what happened on that first Christmas. Forget about it not being December 25th today. Just take joy in the fact that God is Love and that through that Baby the Love is shared with you.

Today …

St. Felix of Como

St. Felix of Como

Saint Felix of Como (died c. 390 AD) is venerated as the first bishop of Como, Italy. He was a friend of Saint Ambrose, who praised him for his missionary activity and ordained him a priest in 379. When Saint Bassianus built a church dedicated to the Apostles at Lodi, he consecrated it in the presence of Ambrose and Felix. The name Felix is Latin for happy. And I’m sure our saint was happy. At every Mass he got to hold the Baby.

Consider … ““Give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar, and to God what belongs to God.” Therefore, according to the Gospel, any citizen can be a good Catholic – that is, side with Jesus Christ and the Pope, and do good to his fellow-men – and at the same time side with Caesar, namely, observe the laws of the land, except when the rulers persecute religion or tyrannize the consciences and minds of citizens.” ~ Saint John Bosco ~