The Benedictine Oblate

St. Benedict of Nursia writing the Benedictine...

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Being a Benedictine Oblate constitutes a number of things. Its a privilege. Its a path. Its a vocation. Its a responsibility. Its trying to live the Rule of St. Benedict, as much as possible given the individuals personal circumstances, in the secular world. Out side the Monastery. On the street. In the market place. Next door to your next door neighbor. Its a way of making a differance in a world that needs to be shown that a differant way is needed. And possible. Its a way to change the world by changing that most elemental of the worlds building blocks … self. Its a way to attain balance in living. Moderation in all things. The right amount of prayer, work, study, relaxation, and all else that goes into making a person well rounded and not off centered. All of these things mean just one thing, the most basic thing … Being a Benidictine Oblate is one thing, one focus primarily. It is to follow Christ, making him both the pattern and the goal of our lives. To be a Benedictine Oblate is a way, a way to follow THE Way, in Truth and for Life.

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