The Apostolate of Divine Consolation

The Apostolate of Divine Consolation is an individual, personal ministry between you and the Suffering Christ. Jesus suffered on the Cross, and He still suffers indignities and ingratitude, sacrilege and blaspheme. As Catholics we’ve been taught to make reparation for such offenses, both our own and those of others, by offering up prayers, alms, and our sufferings. There is another avenue, one that, while not replacing the ones just mentioned, compliments these. What is it? How does it work? It’s really very simple. Its based on a personal revelation given by Jesus to a very holy nun, Sr. Josefa Menendez, whose cause for canonization is currently proceeding, and whose writings were, its been said, instrumental in paving the way for the acceptance of the Divine Mercy devotion. You might like to Google Sr. Menendez, there is much to be learned from her experiences with our Lord. But here, for our purposes, we’re concerned with only one short sentence of revelation given to her by Jesus. It is …


“When you eat or drink, think that you are giving Me that alleviation and do the same whenever you take pleasure in anything whatever.”


“Apostolate”, as it concerns the laity, is defined as “An organization of the laity devoted to the mission of the Church.” A part of that mission is reparation. Jesus said that where ever two or three were gathered together in His Name He would be there with them. Matthew 18:20. There is your organization. The “organizations” aim is consoling Jesus by offering up to Him those things He has blessed us with that we take pleasure in. What might it have meant to Him as He hung on the cross to have had a believer stand before Him and, with love and sincerity of heart, drink a cool cup of water and offer that act up to Him as He suffered thirst? It’s not to late.


Consider adding the following prayer, or a similar one using your own words, to your personal daily devotions …


“Lord Jesus, I offer all my wholesome pleasures to You this day for Your consolation, out of love for You, and to say “thank You” for all the good things You bless me with because I know that without Your love and grace towards me I wouldn’t have anything, not even myself. Thank You, Jesus. I love You, Jesus.”


To console the Divine. By bringing sinners to Jesus, by offering up our sufferings, the Mass, by a good witness, the giving of alms, a smile and encouraging word to someone who’s down, prayers, abstinence, setting a good personal example, and drinking a cool cup of water or the enjoyment we get from a nice meal or even a good game on T.V. All of these can be offered up. What greater Apostolate is there than to console the Divine? Remember that its more the intent than it is the act. And its more the love behind the intent than the intent itself.

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