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My name, here anyway, is Jude-Marian. ( Jude-Marian of the Sacred Heart was the name I´d chosen to take when I made my oblation, but I was told that Oblates no longer did that. So I´ll use it here. ) I´m Roman Catholic, a Benedictine Oblate and have, with the permission of my parish priest, made private vows. These things, in so far as cyber space is concerned, define me. This blog is a kind of online spiritual diary for me. It will be in all things Catholic. The Rosary will have a special place here, just as certain saints will. The Rule of St. Benedict will also play a part. So will … Hmmm … Lets just say I´ll specialize in Catholic eclectic. It will be personal, but not overly so. It will be a space where in I share my personal experiences along with my own personal opinions. As regards my opinions they are just that and nothing more. I am subject to a Higher Authority. My opinions come under the divinely established authority held, via the will and grace of God, by the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church … The Holy Roman Catholic Church which, by the love and grace of Almighty God, Creator of heaven and earth, and my Lord and Savior, I am blessed to be a member of. I am subject to Her, by God´s grace, in all things. Having said all that …

I´m an old guy that lives in a small one room cabin with a cat that weighs nearly 15 pounds and thinks I´m its momma. I love God, I like to pray and read things spiritual, I love going to Mass, and I have a problem keeping my humor in check sometimes. We´ll see how all that works out. Please feel free to make comments. This is a place in cyber space wherein we can, hopefully, practice what Jesus did … the sharing of self. Peace, and God bless.

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  1. I’d be interested in following your “journey”, …. what was your starting point and how are you currently experiencing God in prayer and the daily routine of life?

  2. Thank you for your kindness. My starting point was the grace of God. I hope it will also be the point at which I end. I converted as an adult, coming from a family that was adamantly anti-Catholic. And so I know that my conversion, or “rescue” if you will, was an act of God’s grace. The starting point being that moment of grace, and fostered the very holy priest, Fr. McGuiness, who taught me catachism at age 18, I currently strive for the balance in all things that I see set forth both in the example of Christ and our Blessed Mother, and also in the Rule of St. Benedict. This balance is what I believe the Saints sought after. In prayer, well, that’s been entertaining. 🙂 I find myself thirsty or hungry. I’ve told my parish priest that I feel, think that so long as I pray and want more I’m on the right path. Where it leads from here? Well, if I add to this already to-wordy paragraph I will only do the Truth that is the Goal of my path a disservice. And I think you’ll understand that. Peace. 🙂

  3. You sound like a very interesting person. I’m glad I came upon your blog. Come and visit me sometime.

    • Thank you. I checked out your blog. Very nice and well done. You sound like one very busy and dedicated lady. I’m sure you’re a blessing to many. God bless. 🙂

  4. So much gratitude to you for a lovely blog. As I journey to better understand my relationship to the Catholic Church, I am ever grateful to hear of another’s love for it. I look forward to walking with you. ~ Much light and love to you in the new year!

    • Thank you. And with your spirit. 🙂

  5. glad to have found your blog!

    • Hope I can say something that’s a blessing and worth reading. 🙂

  6. Today is All Saints Day and I was thinking about you, J-M, because I suspect you’ll be in their number someday. I hope I make it there, too, and not to where it gets too warm. I remember you in my prayers daily. God bless!

    • Thank you. We’ll both try to miss the heat and make the saints list together. 🙂 And … I still live.

      • You’ll live forever, my friend. And many others will too, thanks to your inspiring words.

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