Filling in those blank spots between the letters … Saturday, April 27

The Finding of the Saviour in the Temple by Wi...

The Finding of Jesus in the Temple. Who’s listening? Really?

A Rosary Meditation … The Fifth Joyful Mystery, the Finding in the Temple. “And all who were listening to Him were amazed at His understanding and His answers.” Luke 2:47. The way that’s phrased it sounds like some might not have been paying attention. “All who were listening” sounds like maybe some weren’t. But the rest did. People are much the same today. Some listen, some don’t. Not everyone that listens understands what they hear. People are awfully good at filling in blanks where there are none. When reading a book? It’s best to leave out those blank spots between the letters. While Mary and Joseph sought Jesus others had “found” Him. Again, people are much the same today. Some are seeking, some have found. Sadly, not everyone who finds knows what they’ve got. The people there in the Temple, the ones listening, were with Jesus. But, at this point anyway, none of them knew who or what He was. No one was jumping for joy and shouting, “It’s the Messiah! It’s the Messiah!” Once again, things haven’t changed much. There are a lot of denominations and religions that seem to know Jesus. Some even admit to His having been the Messiah. But they deny His Divinity. So, are they truly listening? Do they honestly know Who it is they’re talking about? Or they deny His death and resurrection. That’s a nice way to pay lip service and take the power away from Him all in one breath. Happily there are those who honestly listen and believe and rest their hope on Him. So what’s to be done with the rest? The ones who listen and don’t understand, or the ones that find but don’t know what they’ve found? Well, words abound. And they’re helpful. But there are those white spaces between the letters that cause some folks problems. Hmm, what to do, what to do?

Today …

St. Zita

St. Zita

St. Zita

St. Zita was born into a poor but holy Christian family. Her older sister became a Cistercian nun and her uncle Graziano was a hermit whom the local people regarded as a saint. Zita herself always tried to do God’s will obediently whenever it was pointed out to her by her mother. (Consider the example of OUR Mother, Mary.) At the age of twelve Zita became a housekeeper in the house of a rich weaver in Lucca, Italy, eight miles from her home at Monte Sagrati. As things turned out, she stayed with that family for the last forty-eight years of her life. She found time every day to attend Mass and to recite many prayers, as well as to carry out her household duties so perfectly that the other servants were jealous of her. Indeed, her work was part of her religion! She use to say: “A servant is not holy if she is not busy; lazy people of our position is fake holiness.” Wonder why the other servants were jealous? At first, her employers were upset by her generous gifts of food to the poor, but in time, they were completely won over by her patience and goodness and she became a very close friend. St. Zita was given a free reign over her working schedule and busied herself with visits to the sick and those in prison. Word spread rapidly in Lucca of her good deeds, which speak louder than words, and the heavenly visions that appeared to her. She was sought out by the important people, and at her death in 1278 the people acclaimed her as a saint. She is the patroness of domestic workers. Now, our saint obviously had a wonderful effect on people, didn’t she? Given what we know about her does it seem to you that she was wordy? Did she preach great sermons? Well, actually she did. And she delivered them with her mouth shut and her hands busy. So we just answered our above question, “What to do, what to do?”, didn’t we? Its found in the word “do”, and not in the white spaces around it.

Think …

“Preach the Gospel at all times, and when necessary, use words.”―

St. Francis of Assisi

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