Following the Immaculate

I read once that the Sacred Heart of Jesus could be defined by “everything He loves.” This made sense to me. But what of the Immaculate Heart of Mary? How might we define it? I think that a good definition of her Heart would be simply: A mother’s love. What a mother loves would be the next thought. Well, I’m sure that any natural mother would love her spouse and children first of all. Who is Mary’s spouse? God, the Holy Spirit is her Spouse. And who is her First Born? Jesus, God the Son. Obviously this mother, the Immaculate Heart, loves God first of all. Now we know that she has other children besides the One. The others are … Us. So she loves God first of all, and us next of all. Which means that the Immaculate Heart of Mary may be defined by two simple things. Love of God followed by love of neighbor. Her Heart is defined by the Two Greatest Commandments. So, I suppose, that if I am to follow her Immaculate Heart I must follow these. Truth is simple. “Simple” does not mean without depth, and it ought never to be confused with ease. In a nutshell to follow her Heart as per the Two Great Commandments is to follow her motherly advise, the only advise that scripture records, and the central theme of all her apparitions: “Do whatever He tells you.”

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