Radio Maria … This is the URL for something wonderful. It is a portal. A portal through which you may access sound Catholic doctrine, uplifting sermons, very fine call in programs, a sincere spirit, truth, heart, light and the Love of Christ. Radio Maria, a Christian voice in your home, is one way, a very good and positive way, to bring Catholic culture into your home. Via Radio Maria you can experience in a fuller way the Church as a family in-home institution. You can take part in and support the culture of life. You can add to your Catholic experience, live your faith more fully, and be uplifted in mind and spirit. I am sort of homebound. Not totally but enough that at times, well, I need some relief. Radio Maria supplies me with that relief, with what I have come to consider a very personal experience. It is, in short, a real blessing. You can be blessed too. Tune in. Listen. Trust me, give it a chance. It will work. It works for me.

Pray for Radio Maria.

Dear Lord, please bless Radio Maria as this apostolate reaches out to people all over the world. Keep the people who work, support, and uphold Radio Maria in their prayers. Let this work for You bear much fruit for Your Kingdom and for Your greater glory, Your will being done in all things. Amen

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