The Saga of the Shrimp

You know, for a while now I’ve been down as in down in my back prior to surgery and now down as in down because of the fact I’m recuperating from the back surgery. I’ve got a few more weeks of going easy. In a way its kinda nice because I have a ready made excuse for not doing anything I don’t want to do. And then there’s the added perk of being able to guy-clean and be OK with it. (Guy-clean = You walk by something, notice dust on it, take a deep breath and blow. Wah-la! Clean.)

But not being able to do certain things leaves some time on my hands. I don’t get bored easily but after a few months of being down one way or another, well, I suspect just about anybody would get bored. And let me tell you, the internet is a dangerous place when you’re a; bored, and b; going through your second childhood. OK, so this is probably more like my third or fourth childhood but whose counting?

A few weeks ago I rediscovered the wonders of Sea-Monkeys. I remembered the package I got when I was about 6 or 7. The excitement. I was gonna have a whole family of little critters! And of course they all died almost immediately. My grandparents wouldn’t float me another loan to try again (“Its just a waste of money son.”) so the Sea-Monkeys got put on a back shelf some where in my cranial cavity. Until I got bored. So I sent off for a kit. It didn’t cost much. You can get the whole thing for around $14 off eBay. With FREE shipping! But I started to research. These were NOT going to die on me like that other bunch did! So … Sea-Monkeys need warm water. So I ordered a small aquarium heater. And they need lots of oxygen. Oxygen requires a pump, and tubing, and an air stone, and little suction cup thingies (technical term there) to hold things in place, and valves, and another kind of valve, and … So I sent off for the oxygen equipment. Sea-Monkeys also can use, not “require” but “use”, a variety of things like vitamins, toys, medicine (just in case), and so on. And on. Well, I sent away for all that too. Now the tanks you get with the kits are pretty small. So I figure, “Use something bigger, that way the water temperature won’t be able to fluctuate so much because it’ll take longer for more water to change its temp,” just in case the heater doesn’t work so hot. Literally. So I decide on a peanut butter jar. Finally, something I didn’t have to pay for. Of course more water means more water purifier. So I sent off for that.

Now I’m thinking, “Man! Come on! These are brine shrimp that originally came from a lake in Utah!” Yea, sure. But they’re gonna be LIVE brine shrimp from a lake in Utah! Oh, I bought extra food too. Anyway …

What started out as a second childhood whim has turned into a major undertaking. You’d think I’d joined “Save the Whales” or something and was singlehandedly financing it. And know what? If I can blow dust off of a cabinet and feel good about it I can do this. (I know that statement doesn’t make just a whole lotta sense, but we’re talkin’ Sea-Monkeys here so go figure.)

Guess what else? There is actually a point to all this “Tail of the Shrimp”. In the beginning God made the world and everything in it. Brine shrimp and Utah included. He looked at it and said that it was all good. Then He made Adam and told him to name all the living creatures, including brine shrimp (but not Utah, that got named latter by I don’t know who). Can you imagine the wonder and joy Adam felt while doing this? Remember, he was still in a state of perfection. He didn’t get tired, there was no boredom, it was not a tedious task. Bottom line? He enjoyed it. There is a wonder in God’s creation that I don’t think we can afford to lose touch with. When we lose touch we become separated from not only the wonder of it all but a part of ourselves as well. God made man to live in the Garden of Eden, not in smog and plastic. Anything that helps us connect with God’s creation in a wholesome way helps us connect with the Creator of it as well.

So, I’m going to do this and it will be good, just like God said in the beginning. I’ll probably end up naming them too. I’m told that you can end up with something like 100 of  ’em. Great. Now I need to buy one of those baby naming books. *sigh*

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  1. We were headed for bed. We’re tired. We’re old….I decided to shut down the computer. First I would check for any E-mails….I said “Jim, get over here. Lets read Ken’s Shrimp story”. We were only half way through it when we began laughing so hard I thought we would fall on top of the computer. We’re still laughing. Sleep may be delayed for awhile. I think we’re gonna print this one out and frame it….Don’t forget…This old woman gets to name one of the new pets.Give me one of the skinny ones.Who knows. We may be related!

    • So, brine shrimp are keeping you two up at night as well, huh? lol 😉

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