The Down Times

A Rosary Meditation: The First Sorrowful Mystery, The Agony in the Garden.

“Then he said to them, ‘My soul is sad, even unto death. Wait here and watch with me.’ ” Matthew 26:38.

Have you ever been so down that you just wanted to die? If you can answer yes, and most folks probably can, then you have an idea how Jesus felt. Maybe we can’t grasp the “why” he felt this way because we’ve never carried the weight of the worlds sins on our shoulders, but we can understand in part the “how” he felt.

Calvary continues to this day. It actually began with the Passover meal a little earlier. The sacrifice of his Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity, began there with the first Mass. So he still carries the weight of the worlds sin doesn’t he? The Mass continues, doesn’t it? Yes, he still carries the weight of the worlds sin and he always will. That’s because he’s the same yesterday, today, and forever. ( See Hebrews 13:8. ) If he carries that same weight today do you think he might still need a little company? “Wait here and watch with me.” The Apostles were about to desert him. He knew that. He still wanted them with him. We’re just as far removed from perfection as they were, maybe more. That’s not the point, is it?

When you’re down, and I mean really down, down in such a way that from a worldly perspective you’re down for the count, you’re out, like Jesus was, or like the world thought he was, as he was facing death, what do YOU want? Some might say they’d like to be left alone. But I think that what they’re really saying is that they don’t want to be bothered. Their mind is to filled with the problem(s) at hand. I’ve felt like this and you probably have to. I wanted to be left alone. I didn’t want advice, and I certainly didn’t want that smiling Pollyanna attitude with the hollow, “Oh, its going to be OK!” Because I knew it wasn’t OK, and it wasn’t going to be OK. Some things just are what they are. And they aren’t good. But I did want someone with me. At a slight distance maybe, but I wanted to know they were there, that they cared enough to be there with me, silently, but where I could see them. Like Jesus leaving the Apostles there in the garden, walking a little way apart. Things like this prove his humanity. And ours as well.

The next time a friend is having a hard time we might all like to remember that our being there with them is sometimes all that’s needed. And when we’re sitting at home with nothing to do ( I know that this can be a rare occurrence for most people but it does happen. ) and we know that the Church is empty we might like to think about it even more. Because when its empty? It isn’t.

“Jesus Christ, yesterday, and to day; and the same for ever.” Hebrews 13:8, Douay-Rheims.

Just a thought … Some times we honestly don’t have time for Adoration. God knows you have to take care of the kids and run that errand. But how many of us don’t have the time to go into our room, shut the door, place ourselves spiritually before the Tabernacle ( just hold it in your minds eye while you hold him in your heart ), and spend five minutes of loving silence before the crucifix? When we’re down what would five minutes of love mean to us? What does it mean to him?

P.S … I went to see the neurosurgeon the other day for a checkup and all goes well. The healing of the back and etc. continues as it should. I’m still technically down for another six or seven weeks, but I ain’t out. ๐Ÿ˜‰



  1. There can be a discontinuity between what a person says he believes and what he actually believes, as we see in St Peter, who boldly pledged his support for Christ, then denied Him shamefully. I can say “I trust God,” but I will not know if I really do unless I experience a “down time” moment in which I have nowhere to turn but to the God Who desires that each of us be saved (1 Tm 2:4). It was such a moment in Gethsemane, as you point out, when Christ turned to His ever-present Father while His friends fell asleep. I thank God that He sends me trials and sufferings, along with sufficient strength to bear them, so that I may learn of what I am made, and so that I may come to believe in my heart that He is truly my best friend always at my side. Have a blessed and restful weekend, J-M. God bless!

  2. ๐Ÿ™‚ Yes, trials prove our metal, don’t they? We know we’re loved when we’re tried. “For whom the Lord loveth, he chastiseth; and he scourgeth every son whom he receiveth.” Hebrews 12:6, Douay-Rheims. What I think of as “part 2” of this post comes tomorrow. Take care. God bless. ๐Ÿ™‚

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