Lost and Found

A Rosary Meditation: The Fifth Joyful Mystery, The Finding in the Temple.

“And seeing him, they wondered. And his mother said to him: Son, why hast thou done so to us? behold thy father and I have sought thee sorrowing.” Luke 2:48, Douay-Rheims.

You know, I don’t think God has ever gotten himself lost. Jesus wasn’t lost, he knew right where he was and exactly what he was doing. But …

While Mary and Joseph were traveling back home, after having finished their business in Jerusalem and having taken care of their religious duties, they made an assumption about Jesus. They assumed that he was in the group they were traveling with. Because of this they lost sight of him and he was, as a result, “lost”. Lost to them anyway.

The crowd we travel with? It can blot out Jesus if we let it. We can get so caught up in the crush of the crowd, we can get so involved in the journey, that we lose sight of Christ and then, well, we think HE got lost. And the world around us is more than willing to obscure Jesus. Its not necessarily the intent of the people around us, they don’t realize they’re being used for this purpose. But Satan knows who he’s using, and why.

Its so easy to get involved with work, social obligations, family, the crowd we travel with, that most of the time we don’t even realize it. And then? At some point the Catholic will turn around, look around, and ask, “Where did he go?” Then we go hunting. Or at least we hunt if we’re sincere Catholics. And when we find him we do what? We ask him what? “Where did you go, Lord?” When we do find him, bottom line, its really him who’s found us. The sheep almost never realize that they’re lost. Its always the Good Shepherd who goes looking for the sheep. And when he finds the lost sheep it looks at him and says, “Where you been?” Such is the nature of sheep and getting lost.

“Why hast thou done so to us?” Rather than ask Jesus a question like this we need to be asking the world around us while doing a little soul searching. “How did I lose sight of him?” And when we come up with the right answer, like, “I allowed this or that to get in my way, get between me and him, and that’s what blocked my view”, its time to try and either eliminate or get under stricter control what ever was the cause.

I think most people, and this I say based on my own personal experience, could, if they would, delete certain things from their lives and in doing so take certain things out of the way that can easily get in the way, coming between us and Jesus, blocking our view and making us think he’s lost when its us instead. There are parts of the world that, even while we live in the world, we needn’t concern ourselves with. Weeding these things out gives us a clearer view. The clearer the view the less likely we are to lose sight of him and think he’s gotten himself lost.

In dealing with life, the world, and the crush of the crowd, lets just make certain there’s one thing we don’t do. Lets not blame him for getting himself lost. Lets remember that’s our fault, not his.

“Looking on Jesus, the author and finisher of faith … ” Hebrews 12:2a.

Just a thought … If our vision is blurred or limited its not because poor eyesight originates with the Creator of the eye, Who does all things, including creating eyes, well.

P.S . … This is the beginning of about the third week now that I’ve resumed blogging. I just wanted to say thank you for the kind, and most generous, response I’ve received. Honestly, I figured folks would’ve forgotten all about me after a few months. So I say thank you to everyone, and thank you to God for having seen fit to place me on the hearts of so many, both the people who’ve been a blessing to me for some time and all of the new and recent subscribers. Thank you. You are, each of you, a special blessing for me. I just want you to know that.