The Assumption. What else could God have done? … Saturday, September 14

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Baroque altar of Saint Notburga of Rattenberg. One good reason for having such beautiful altars and artwork dedicated to saints, with all of the attendant honor, is to give honor and thanks to the One who’s Truth and Beauty those saints reflect. When we honor God’s children we honor God’s Child. When we honor God’s Child we give thanks for His mother and ours.

A Rosary Meditation … The Fourth Glorious Mystery, the Assumption. Mary is assumed, body and soul into Heaven. Could God have done anything else? If she had been your mother what would you have done? The fact is she IS your mother. Jesus gave her TO us at Calvary just as He gave Himself FOR us on Calvary. God gave us Mary to be our mother (and Queen) because He knew we’d need one and God provides for all our needs. Christianity, all of it, is a joyous occasion. Having Mary in Heaven, praying for us and watching over us as only the best of mothers can, is a joy. And I think that’s one reason, one out of a grand multitude, that He assumed her into Heaven. If He hadn’t we’d have Mary’s tomb, just as we have the tomb of so many other saints. And what joy is there in a mother’s tomb? Because He lives so does she. So do we.

Today …

St. Notburga

St. Notburga is Patroness of poor peasants and servants in the Tyrol. Born in Rattenberg, in the Tyrol, she was the daughter of peasants. At eighteen she became a servant in the household of Count Henry of Rattenberg When Notburga repeatedly gave food to the poor, she was dismissed by Count Henry’s wife, Ottilia, and took up a position as a servant to a humble farmer. Meanwhile, Henry suffering a run of misfortune and setbacks, wasted no time restoring Notburga to her post after his wife died. Notburga remained his housekeeper for the rest of her life, and was famous for her miracles and concern for the poor. In her care for others Notburga was very motherly. Male or female, her’s is a good example to follow.

Consider … In Jesus we see the ultimate “like father like son”. And in Mary we see a very real, and altogether human, “like father like daughter”.



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