Gift Wrap … Thursday, September 12

Gift Wrap Patterns Galore

Gift Wrap. What’s inside the package is what counts. But there’s nothing wrong with a pretty wrapper.

A Rosary Meditation … The Fourth Joyful Mystery, the Presentation. In this instance we might think of the Presentation as being presented with a present. That’s just what happened to Simeon and Anna, isn’t it? Now, there are people who will turn down a gift. There are any number of reasons. They may feel unworthy, they might consider it “charity” and let pride get in the way, they could dislike the giver and so not want the gift, or maybe its to good to be true and they turn it down because there must be a catch. Lots of reasons. And there are folks who turn down the Gift that is Christ. Everyone has freewill, we can all make choices. And take responsibility for them. The ability, the willingness, to accept is in itself a gift, a grace, from God. We might all want to pray extra hard for this grace. So much hangs in the balance, riches freely given on the one hand, eternal poverty on the other. I used to ask people, as conversations took odd turns, what they would do if presented with two packages. A gift. They could have one, but just one. They could pick. One was wrapped in pretty paper with bows and ribbon. The other was wrapped in brown paper with only a string tying it. The contents of each package were exactly the same. They’d get the same present regardless which package they picked. So which one would you take? The answer is telling. Most said the one with the plain brown wrapper. And as the conversation progressed it would become evident that they had a poor self-image and thought themselves unworthy of the pretty package. That  gift should go to someone else, someone “better”. The gift of Christ is the same for all. In this case YOU get to wrap it and then present it to the world around you. And the people around you, those you’ll share the gift with, are worthy of which package?

Today … St. Autonomous. An Italian bishop and martyr. During the persecution instituted by Emperor Diocletian, Autonomous fled to Bithynia to escape the persecution. There, he worked tirelessly until arrested by Roman authorities and murdered for the faith. Saints AWAYS wrap their gift with ribbons and bows.

Tomorrow … See how much nicer, prettier, you can make your package between now and then. 😉