Making an eternal difference … Friday, September 6

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A Rosary Meditation … The Second Sorrowful Mystery, the Scourging. A beating like the one Jesus took was as close to deadly, yet without causing death, as His tormentors knew how to make it. He was, to be blunt, tortured here to the point of death without the relief of death. We think of Him as being the victim of our sins. So He was. Because it was for us He suffered, and for no fault of His own. Yet He offered all this up to the Father in payment for our sins, to make a way for us. Now we can, because of what He did for us, work out our own salvation. And it IS work. There are times in our walk with Christ when we are beaten too, just like Him, and for no reason. You needn’t do anything to be beaten. You only need to be a Christian. It doesn’t say any where that Jesus liked His scourging, so I’ll assume we don’t need to like ours either. But He accepted it and offered it up. We can do the same. He made a way for us through His sufferings. We can make a way for someone else by virtue of our sufferings if we’ll offer them up, willingly, as He did. He allows us to share in the work of Redemption. Our patience in the face of an undeserved beating can be the very example somebody else needs to see to make them think. That might be all it takes to make an eternal difference in their lives.


Today …




Bishop of Verona. He was especially known for his care of the poor. He died in the year 450. It occurs to me that every good bishop suffers. They see the people around them drowning in the worldly misery that is sin and they suffer out of loving care. They care about the poor. Those with no material bread to eat and those without the Heavenly Manna that is Christ in the Holy Eucharist. Their suffering gives them a reason, a reason that should spill over onto us via their pastoral example, to suffer willingly that others might be saved. St. Petronius might make a good prayer partner in times of trouble. He could help us ask for the grace to suffer with patience, willingly, for others.

Prayer request … I found out yesterday that a friend of mine in Colorado died of a heart attack. Please pray for the repose of the soul of Ray Woods. Thank you.