My Mother

The Virgin Mary

Have you ever been alone in the dark? Alone in the dark, and scared? I think we all have. I remember being alone in the dark and scared. More than once. I remember being that way as a child. I recall being that way as an adult. When I was a child it was a literal thing. As I grew older the dark moved. It stopped being on the outside. It came in. That made it even scarier. There isn’t any light switch inside me. Its broke. It was broken before I was born. The broken part is what a theologian would call sin and the sin nature. It makes me scared of the dark … inside. A Lady lost a coin. I didn’t think much of it, it was only a coin. Small change. But she knew its worth. So she lit a lamp and got out her broom. Started to sweep by the lamp light. She knows my switch is broke. She swept by the light of that lamp until … Guess what? She found the coin. But she didn’t stop there. I´d have thought that was enough, but this Lady went and gathered her neighbors. She was so happy that the coin was found that she wanted everyone to rejoice with her. Now let’s think this through … In the Psalms I´m told that the Word is like a lamp for my feet. I guess if I had a Lamp like that I wouldn’t need to be afraid of the dark. Inside dark or outside dark. In the Gospel of John I´m told that the Word was made flesh, and that the Word was the Light of the world. That Word, that Light was Jesus. He died on Calvary. Why? To fix my broken switch. But who lit the Lamp? Oh, the Lady with the broom. She lit the Lamp, helped bring the Light of the world into the world. She said yes when the Archangel Gabriel asked her to be the first to accept that Light into her life. And then she gave birth to the Light and shared him with … Everyone. So she could find that lost coin that’s me. So that she could tell all her friends to rejoice that I´d been found. There’s a lot of rejoicing in Heaven when a coin is found. I think finding the coin is called repentance, conversion. Know what else? After she lit the Lamp, and the Light of the world showed her where the lost coin was … That same Light gave that same Lady to the found coin (me) to be his Mother too. Some story, huh? I love my Mother. I love her because She reflects the Light. Know what else? I´m not afraid of the dark anymore.



  1. Beautiful thoughts.

  2. Thank you. 🙂 Isn´t our Mother wonderful?

  3. Your blog is also a light, J-M. Thank you for keeping it shining bright. It helps me to see many things. God bless!

    • Thank you. 🙂 I have nothing of my own that is of any worth. Everything I have of worth has been given to me. Pax.

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