If you know the King you’ll know the Queen too … Wednesday, August 14

English: Maximilian Kolbe in 1936

Maximilian Kolbe in 1936.

A Rosary Meditation … The Fifth Glorious Mystery, the Coronation. “At the Annunciation, Gabriel announced that Mary’s Son would receive the throne of David and rule forever.” ~ Pope Pius XII.

In the Old Testament the Queen Mother was a person with real power and authority. She had the king’s ear. When Mary was told by Gabriel that she was to give birth to Christ, Who would be King of Israel, she would have realized her own position. Her Son inheriting the throne meant the same for her. You can’t have a king and there NOT be a Queen Mother. So Gabriel settled, at God‘s command (because the angel never said or did anything here that God didn’t tell him to), Mary’s Queenship at the Annunciation. All of the Mysteries, those within in and those without the Rosary, fit together as a thing of beauty. Like a mosaic, or better yet a Cathedral window made up of bits and pieces of stained glass that, taken separately, may be very pretty but the true beauty of the work isn’t appreciated until we take a step back and view the thing as a whole. And we need the sunlight streaming in to see that beauty. We need the Son Light coming into us personally to see and understand the Queenship of Mary. Just as Mary’s being Queen goes hand in hand with Jesus being King, so does our understanding and appreciation and acceptance of her Queenship go hand in hand with our love for and closeness to Him. You can’t have Him as your King and NOT have her as your Queen Mother.

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St. Maximilian Kolbe

St. Maximilian Kolbe. One of my favorite saints. Maximilian was born in 1894 in Poland and became a Franciscan. He contracted tuberculosis and, though he recovered, he remained frail all his life. Before his ordination as a priest, Maximilian founded the Immaculata Movement devoted to Our Lady. After receiving a doctorate in theology, he spread the Movement through a magazine entitled “The Knight of the Immaculata”. Our saint both knew Who his King was AND knew the Queen. Maximilian went to Japan where he built a monastery and then on to India. In 1936 he returned home because of ill-health. After the Nazi invasion in 1939, he was imprisoned and released for a time. But in 1941 he was arrested again and sent to the concentration camp at Auschwitz. On July 31, 1941, in reprisal for one prisoner’s escape, ten men were chosen to die. Father Kolbe offered himself in place of a young husband and father. Father Kolbe took this man’s place even as Christ took ours on the Cross, proving his love of God and others, putting God and neighbor FIRST. He was the last to die, enduring two weeks of starvation, thirst, and neglect. He was canonized by Pope John Paul II in 1982.

Remember … “Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee … “