The Hidden Life (both of them) … Monday, August 12

Jesus Found in the Temple

Jesus Found in the Temple … You know, if you go looking for a person a good place to start might be their work place.




A Rosary Meditation … The Fifth Joyful Mystery, the Finding in the Temple. “When the Holy Family returns to Nazareth after Herod’s death, there begins the long period of the hidden life. She “who believed that there would be a fulfillment of what was spoken to her from the Lord” (Luke 1:45) lives the reality of these words day by day. And daily at her side is the Son to whom “she gave the name Jesus”; therefore in contact with him she certainly uses this name, a fact which would have surprised no one, since the name had long been in use in Israel. Nevertheless, Mary knows that he who bears the name Jesus has been called by the angel “the Son of the Most High.” (cf. Luke.1:32)” 17, Redemptoris Mater, 1987.


“There begins the long period of the hidden life.” Finding Jesus leads to a hidden life, a life lived in private, a life that, while part of the whole Christian experience and Christianity as a whole, is very personal and one on One. Hidden. It consists of two simple parts. That hidden life of ours that is shared with Jesus, and that hidden life of ours that we hold back from Him. The part we share is the best part. It represents the joy of having found Him in the Temple. We see Him, the One we’ve been seeking, we run to Him and, breathless, ask, “Where have you been hiding? I’ve been looking all over for you.” And His reply is simple and direct, “Why were you seeking me in all those other things and places? Didn’t you realize I’d be here taking care of my Father’s business?” A personal. hidden, experience grows from here. The second “hiding”  isn’t so pleasant for us. It consists of those things, habits, thought patterns, personal sins, that we are ashamed to share. So we hold them back and they fester when all we really need to do is say, “Here, Jesus, You take these.” Of course over time we generally take them back. The point is to keep giving them. He knows we’re human. And He already knows all about what we hold back. Because nothing, good or bad, is hidden from Him. So we may as well share it all, letting it all be hidden IN Him and so be taken care of.


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St. Jane Frances de ChantalOne way Jane shared her blessings was by giving bread and soup personally to the poor who came to her door. Often people who had just received food from her would pretend to leave, go around the house and get back in line for more. When asked why she let these people get away with this, Jane said, “What if God turned me away when I came back to him again and again with the same request?” Her daughter finally asked her for spiritual direction as did may others, including an ambassador and her brother, an archbishop. Her advice always reflected her very gentle and loving approach to spirituality: “Should you fall even fifty times a day, never on any account should that surprise or worry you. Instead, ever so gently set your heart back in the right direction and practice the opposite virtue, all the time speaking words of love and trust to our Lord after you have committed a thousand faults, as much as if you had committed only one. Once we have humbled ourselves for the faults God allows us to become aware of in ourselves, we must forget them and go forward.”

Think … Sharing with Christ, both our good and our bad, is nothing more or less than a relief.