We all have a choice … Saturday, August 10

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Mary said “yes” and the love still reverberates. Our answers may be just as important to someone near us, or even far away. A good reason to temper every yes, or no, with love.

A Rosary Meditation … The Fourth Joyful Mystery, the Assumption.Love is unselfishly choosing for another’s highest good.” ~ C. S. Lewis. Mary chose God’s highest good by saying “Yes” at the Annunciation. And a life began. God chose Mary’s highest good at her death. And a life began. An earthly life began for the Christ Child, a Heavenly life for Mary. Both were a matter of choice. Mary didn’t have to say yes and God wasn’t obligated to assume Mary into Heaven. One of the reasons we have free will is because God has free will and we are created in His image. We always get to choose, and our choices include others, directly or indirectly. It is love that makes the difference in making good choices. A lack of love engenders poor choosing. Mary loved God and said yes. We feel the effects, we were included, in a very personal way, in her yes. God loves Mary and chose to take her directly to heaven, bodily, when she died. Her Assumption still has its effect on us, giving us an example of God’s love and a Heavenly hope. Not to mention a mother in Heaven who’s still praying for each of us. Anyone can say “no” to God, and many do. We all get to choose.

Today …

St. Laurentinus

St. Laurentinus

St. Laurentinus is a 3rd. century martyr. He, along with his brother and sister, SS Laurentius and Clerina, suffered death near Carthage during the reign of Decius. Their nephew Celerinus suffered so extremely that he also is termed a martyr, though he lived to be ordained a deacon by St. Cyprian. All these people, both our martyrs and their persecutors, made lasting choices. They, all of them, leave us an example.

Remember … Choose wisely. Every choice is a ripple that may turn into a tsunami by the time it gets half way round the world.
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