“Time out!”

Don’t you just love a game that has “time outs”? Doesn’t matter what the game is, just blow a whistle while holding one hand flat across the tip of the fingers on the other and *presto!* you’ve got a while to reorganize. You know, everything I know about sports I could put on the back of an envelope and still have room for the grocery list. I am “sports” challenged. Example: It’s the fourth down, the balls in your court, and the batter has two strikes against him with only seconds left on the clock. What do you do next? Well, obviously I’m not the one to ask. If it was me? I’d use a five iron.

So I don’t know much about sports but I know a little about calling for time out. Recently I’ve been investigating alternative healing therapies (acupuncture, Korean hand therapy, magnets, stuff like that), Its time-consuming but enjoyable and I’ve gotten some very good results. I clean a little in my cabin, exercise some on my exercise bike (The cat just sets there looking at me. I’m amazed that he’s able to keep up with the bike.), study some, cook, sweep off the front walk while stepping over the outside cats, try to either watch a video or play a game on the computer for relaxation, and have my regular periods for prayer, all more or less daily. A few weeks ago my back went out. Everything I just mentioned? Most of those things went out too. I’ve lived on rice and oatmeal because it hurt to move around and cook. Happily I love rice and oats. And over the past couple of days it’s rained here. A lot. One of my walls started to leak around a spot where there had been an air conditioner or small window years ago. And my air conditioners drain plugged and the water began running out on the inside. My landlord blew the back of the AC out with an air tank and it did something negative to the machine and now I need a new air conditioner. Landlord should have that fixed in a couple of hours. Then I get to clean up the mess. *sigh*

TIME OUT ALREADY!!! I’d like my life back, please.

Every morning I offer up all my wholesome pleasures for Christ’s consolation. Then I offer up all my pains, trials, and crosses in reparation for the sins committed against His Sacred Heart and Mother Mary‘s Immaculate Heart, and for the conversion of sinners and salvation of souls. After that? I try real hard to have lots of wholesome pleasures and very little of the rest. Proving I’m human. But you know it occurs to me that the time out I so desire doesn’t always happen here and now. But it does there and then. I can’t get away from suffering, not altogether anyway, till then. I may not hear the whistle blow until I’m listening on the other side of the veil. Its OK.

So … When your wall starts leaking, your back goes out, the AC goes kaput, and you can’t find the whistle remember that its Gabriel who blows the horn, and it’s when He’s ready, not when I am. Because if I was in control and I blew the whistle? The ending score might not be in my favor.