When I began catechism at age 18 one of the things I was taught was that I should, on my death-bed, call for an Eastern Orthodox priest if no Roman Catholic priest was available. It was explained to me that the sacraments are valid. Since then I’ve learned that

Saint Tikhon of Moscow (1865 – 1925):the Patri...

Saint Tikhon of Moscow (1865 – 1925):the Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia of the Russian Orthodox Church during the early years of the Soviet Union, 1917 through 1925. Might be a good prayer partner for a reconciliation and full communion between East and West.

all of the various rites, and if memory serves there are 27 total, are still represented by groups faithful to Rome. I understand some of the doctrinal differences and, just a personal thought, I think much of what separates us and the groups out of full fellowship with Rome now days can be traced back to a bunch of bad politicians, and not so much churchmen, of centuries ago. Just an opinion. Anyway, I’ve always, because of the way I was taught and because of what I was taught, held our Orthodox brethren in high regard. I really think we’re not that far from reconciliation. Miracles happen. And from time to time common sense prevails, helped along by good will and a good dose of understanding. So I look forward to that day of coming together. As an aside, after the fall of Communism, there has been such a tremendous surge in vocations to the priesthood in Easter European countries, Russia in particular, that there are literally more than they know what to do with. Ever wonder how the current shortage of priests will be solved? It may be a foolish hope on my part, I don’t think it is, but we all might like to start brushing up on our Greek while they study a little more Latin. What’s all this got to do with inspiration? Plenty. As an Oblate I try, in some small way, to live a kind of lay monastic life. I think of my little cabin as Subiaco Annex. So this video? It gives me plenty to be inspired about. Watch it and you will learn and be blessed both at the same time.