Expecting company? We should be … Thursday, August 1

Philippe de Champaigne, La Visitation. Museo d...

Expecting company? We should be.

A Rosary Meditation … The Second Joyful Mystery, the Visitation. “When Elizabeth heard the greeting of Mary … ” Luke 1:39a. What would you do if you heard a knock at the door and when you answered it you found Mary there? Knowing her as the Mother of Christ your Lord and as Queen of Heaven and Earth what would you do? Would you let her in? Would you be embarrassed for her to see that “Murray” was playing on your TV? Would the magazines on the coffee table need to be shuffled away out of sight? Would there be a Rosary anywhere evident? If she asked to look at your Bible for a moment would you know where it was? Would she see a crucifix on any of the walls, or would there be any holy water? Would you be comfortable with her being there? Hopefully these questions bring forth all the right answers. Because if they don’t, and if we aren’t OK with Mary being with us, how are we going to feel with Jesus knocking when He gets back?

Today … St. Hope. According to an Eastern allegory explaining the cult of Divine Wisdom, Faith, Hope, and Charity were the daughters of Wisdom, a widow in Rome. The daughters suffered martyrdom during Hadrian‘s persecution of Christians: Faith, twelve, was scourged and went unharmed when boiling pitch was poured on her, but was then beheaded; Hope, ten, and Charity, nine, were also beheaded after emerging unscathed from a furnace; and Wisdom died three days later while praying at their graves. When Jesus returns we can have hope if we exercise wisdom now in having faith and practicing charity. Doing these things we’ll be ready for anybody who might show up.

Think … Its to late to clean house when company arrives.