Believing in the Resurrection keeps our Faith Strong … Wednesday, July 31

Pope Francis met with media

A Rosary Meditation … The First Glorious  Mystery, the Resurrection. “I am the resurrection and the life.” John 11:25a. What else could God be? “Unfortunately,” he said, “there have often been attempts to obscure the faith in Jesus’ Resurrection and doubts have crept in even among believers themselves. Our faith is ‘watered down’, we might say; not strong faith. Sometimes this has been because of superficiality, sometimes because of indifference, because we are busy with thousands of other things that seem more important than our faith, or even because we have a limited view of life. But it is precisely the Resurrection that offers us the greatest hope because it opens our lives and the life of the world to God’s eternal future, to complete happiness, to the certainty that evil, sin, and death can be conquered. This leads us to ilving our everyday lives more confidently, to facing them courageously and committedly. Christ’s Resurrection shines new light on our everyday realities. Christ’s Resurrection is our strength!” From Pope Francis.

Today …

Founder of the Jesuits

St. Ignatius Loyola<br>Founder of the Jesuits

St. Ignatius Loyola, founder of the Jesuits, the religious order that our current Holy Father is a member of. St. Ignatius was born in the family castle in Guipúzcoa, Spain, the youngest of 13 children, and was called Iñigo. When he was old enough, he became a page, and then a soldier of Spain to fight against the French. A cannon ball and a series of bad operations ended his military career in 1521. While St. Ignatius recovered, he read the lives of the saints, and decided to dedicate himself to becoming a soldier of the Catholic Faith. Soon after he experienced visions, but a year later suffered a trial of fears and scruples (scrupulosity is one of the most dire evils any believer can be faced with), driving him almost to despair. Out of this experience he wrote his famous “Spiritual Exercises“. After traveling and studying in different schools, he finished in Paris, where he received his degree at the age of 43. Many first hated St. Ignatius because of his humble lifestyle. Perhaps our saint, like our Pope, had a love for our good Saint Francis and his example of humble living. Despite the hatred aimed against him, he attracted several followers at the university, including St. Francis Xavier, and soon started his order called The Society of Jesus, or Jesuits. There are 38 members of the Society of Jesus who have been declared Blessed, and 38 who have been canonized as saints. (We may well be living under the Papal reign of yet another one.)He died at the age of 65.

Think … “I don’t care to inquire why they cannot believe an earthly body can be in heaven, while the whole earth is suspended on nothing.” ― Augustine of Hippo, City of God.



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