YOU are royalty … Saturday, July 27

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Royalty deservedly attracts attention.We are not immune.

A Rosary Meditation … The Fifth Glorious Mystery, the Coronation. “He who finds me finds life … ” Proverbs 8:35. Words that could very easily come from the mouth of our Queen Mother, aren’t they? Because, Jesus being King of kings, Mary is of necessity a Queen isn’t she?And every queen has her coronation day. In finding Mary as Queen we do so only because of her relationship with Christ. Which means that if we find her we’ve found Him. There’s no way around it. You can’t have her without Him, and He is primary. She is what she is because of Him. We are what we are because of Him. And one of the things we are? We are children of Mary. Think about this. He is Royalty. This makes her royalty. And all of that makes us royalty too. People watch royalty. Consider how much media attention was dedicated to Princess Diana. We get lots of media attention too, much of it negative. The world doesn’t like our brand of royalty because we reminds it of Him. Lots of royalty gets driven into exile. That’s’ OK. We have our Mother looking out for us, praying for us. And of all people it’s the Queen Mother who has the Kings ear.

Today …

St. Theobald of Marly

St. Theobald of Marly was a Cistercian abbot. The son of Buchard of Montmorency, he was born in Marly Castle, France, and was raised as a knight at the court of King Philip II Augustus of France (r. 1180-1223). Undergoing a personal conversion, he left the court, gave up his worldly ambitions, and entered the Cistercian abbey of Vaux-de-Cernay in 1220. He became prior in 1230 and abbot in 1235. I have always admired the Cistercians. They are Benedictines to the 10th power. Examples like theirs, just like our Queen Mother’s example, gives us a high standard to shoot for.

Prayer Request … Please pray for me, my sciatica is acting up. So far the only thing that’s done any good has been acupuncture, which I may need to step up. At this stage I don’t do pain well. It s something to offer up, true. But honestly I’d just as soon offer up wholesome pleasures for the consolation of Christ as I would discomfort.