Stepping in front of a bus … Tuesday, July 16

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The Scourging of Christ.

A Rosary Meditation … The Second Sorrowful Mystery, the Scourging. “It was our infirmities that he bore, our sufferings that he endured.” Isaiah 53:4. It’s a little hard to conceive of anything more painful than what Christ suffered, both physically and emotionally. Especially when you consider that none of these sufferings were deserved by Him. It was for love of us that He took upon Himself what we have coming, our infirmities, our sufferings. That’s a very real love, one that’s put into action. What’s our reaction? And do we follow Him in this way? Am I willing to take the whipping deserved by an abortionist? Would I step in front of an oncoming bus in order to push a “religious” extremest bent on terrorism out of the way, thus saving him? Will I keep my mouth shut when someone who doesn’t like me says something untrue about me? Will I follow Christ?

Today …

St. Mary Magdalen Postel

St. Mary Magdalen Postel was born at Barfleur, France, on November 28 and baptized Julia Frances Catherine. She was educated at the Benedictine convent at Valognes, and when eighteen she opened a school for girls at Barfleur. When the French Revolution broke out, the revolutionaries closed the school and she became a leader in Barfleur against the constitutional priests and sheltered fugitive priests in her home, where Mass was celebrated. When the concordat of 1801 between Napoleon and the Holy See brought peace to the French Church, she worked in the field of religious education, and in 1807, at Cherbourg, she and three other teachers took religious vows before Abbe Cabart, who had encouraged her in her work – the beginning of the Sisters of the Christian Schools of Mercy. She was named superior and took the name Mary Magdalen. During the next few years the community encountered great difficulties and was forced to move several times before settling at Tamersville in 1815. It was not until she obtained the abbey of St. Sauveur le Vicomte that the congregation finally began to expand and flourish. She died on July 16 at St. Sauveur, venerated for her holiness and miracles, and was canonized in 1925. Her feast day is July 16.

… Lukewarm Christians try to build a church that conforms to their own common sense and see too much risk in following Jesus, Pope Francis preached. “They are Christians of good sense only: they keep their distance. Christians, so to speak, who are ‘satellites,’ that have a church small in size: to quote the words of Jesus in Revelation, ‘lukewarm Christians,’” the Pope said at the April 20 morning Mass in the chapel of St. Martha’s residence. “They walk only in the presence of common sense, common sense … that worldly prudence: this is a temptation (to use) just worldly prudence,” he added.