Who do we remind people of? … Monday, July 15

A Rosary Meditation … The Second Joyful Mystery, the Visitation. “A life not lived for others is not a life.” Mother Teresa. Mother Teresa made a good commentary, a fine description, of Mary’s life didn’t she? Mary serving Elizabeth, serving others. Its how we serve Christ now. Mary, when she visited Elizabeth, was serving Jesus by taking Him to others, by sharing Him. Jesus isn’t here but others are. Well, He IS here, but you know, I hope, what I mean. We can’t, for example, literally wash His feet but we can wash each others. We can serve Him by serving others. What better way to serve others than by sharing the love of Christ, and Christ Himself? By seeing Jesus in others we let others see Jesus in us. The best way to serve Jesus, the best way to serve others, is to be Jesus. For some we will be the only Jesus they ever see, the only Jesus they may ever experience.

Mother Teresa altar

Mother Teresa altar.

It’s important for us to make the most of the opportunity. We can do this by being the best Jesus we can be. Mary shared Jesus with Elizabeth, but it wasn’t Jesus that Elizabeth saw. It was Mary. The world around us, our family, friends, and neighbors see us. That’s why we need to reflect Him. We reflect Him by being the best US we can be. By being all that God intends for us to be we become more and more like Him in our own way. And the folks around us see more of Him in us when this happens. God doesn’t want you to be another Mother Teresa. He already has one of those. He doesn’t want you to be another John Paul II or Saint Benedict either. He wants you to be a Christlike you. Others will see and experience the real and true Jesus when we grow in this way, when we grow in Him. And just as Mary visited Elizabeth and took Jesus to her, just so we will deliver Jesus to those around us, we’ll visit them with Him, serve God in the process, and be the saints He wants US to be, the saint He wants YOU to be.

Today …

St. Swithun

Swithun, also spelled Swithin, was born in Wessex, England and was educated at the old monastery, Winchester, where he was ordained. He became chaplain to King Egbert of the West Saxons, who appointed him tutor of his son, Ethelwulf, and was one of the King’s counselors. Swithun was named bishop of Winchester in 852 when Ethelwulf succeeded his father as king. Swithun built several churches and was known for his humility and his aid to the poor and needy. He died on July 2. And we would never have heard of him if it wasn’t for the fact that he reflected Christ. He was Jesus to those around him. This is what sainthood is all about. This is what we need to be all about.

Remember … Just in case all of this sounds way to hard: “God doesn’t require us to succeed; He only requires that you try.” Mother Teresa.