Living … Saturday, July 13

The Resurrection of Christ (Kinnaird Resurrection)

The Resurrection of Christ.

A Rosary Meditation … The First Glorious Mystery, the Resurrection. “And whoever lives and believes in me, shall never die.” John 11:26. It is Jesus, the RESURRECTION and the Life, speaking to us here. If you want to be among the Living its obvious you yourself need to be alive. Real life comes from only one source, and that’s THE Source. Jesus. Every time we go to confession or receive communion, every baptism, every confirmation with its gift of the Spirit of Life, every marriage that creates a new life by making two one and this union a fruitful source of children and family, in short, EVERY sacrament tends to life. Every sacrament is a “miniature” resurrection, every sacrament is a partaking of THE Resurrection, because every sacrament originates in the One Who IS the Resurrection and the Life. The Resurrection is a Mystery. Taking part in it is no mystery, it is a fact of Life. Or it can be, it should be, a fact of life. Because the fact is that the Author of Life makes life available to us everyday. All we need to do is receive. But, sometimes, we forget and go looking for the Living (Jesus) among the dead (the world and the things of the world). How not to forget? Be single-minded. Keep eyes, mind, and heart fixed on Jesus. Always. Then there will be no alternative but to live.

Today … Bl. Thomas Tunstal. English martyr. Born in Whinfell, near Kendal, Westmoreland, he studied for the priesthood at Douai, France, and was ordained there in 1609. The next year he returned to England but was arrested almost immediately upon his arrival. Escaping, Thomas was recaptured and taken to Norwich where he spent six years in confinement until finally being hanged, drawn, and quartered. While in prison, he joined the Benedictine Order. He died in 1616.Today? He lives.

We are not alone in our life’s journey … “The feeling remains that God is on the journey, too.”

Saint Teresa of Avila