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Aids orphans in Malawi, Africa. The sight of a young girl with a baby on her back is common in Malawi, where there are close to 2 million orphans and vulnerable children out of total population of 13 million people. In other words, almost 1 out of every 6 people in the country is either an orphan or a vulnerable child. The world, our world, yours and mine, is filled with the vulnerable. We are vulnerable.

Vulnerable. A new-born, with all its promise, needs. Needs the mamma and the daddy, needs the protection and care. Needs the teaching and the guided experience. Needs the kisses, the holding, the touch, needs the love. Without these things there is no promise, only dismal failure and pain at best. Death at the worst.

Vulnerable. A person facing death, for whatever reason, needs. Needs understanding, needs friends, needs comforting. Needs the help of others and their love. Needs the hand-held and the forehead caressed. Needs the pillows fluffed and the temperature just so. Needs help with dressing, with undressing, with personal hygiene.

Newly born and newly dying. These are vulnerable. There are vulnerabilities in between. Going to school, learning a trade, dealing with people, dealing with life. All these present us with vulnerability. We are vulnerable. We need.

God is all-powerful, all-knowing, everywhere present, eternal. God has no vulnerabilities, has no, knows no, need.

Jesus. Is God. Is all that God is. Jesus has no limits. Jesus needs. He needs because He set aside His invulnerability. He became the vulnerable Babe and the vulnerable Dying One. And all of the vulnerabilities in between. And He needs. All of these vulnerabilities He took upon Himself because He needs. What could God need?

God became the Babe for … God became the Dying One for … God took upon Himself all the vulnerabilities in between the Babe and the Death for … God needs … You.