How do you CROSS a threshold? … Friday, July 5

Christ Carrying the Cross

Christ Carrying the Cross. We may as well get used to it. It’s the only way to get over any threshold with hope.

A Rosary Meditation … The Fourth Sorrowful Mystery, the Carrying of the Cross. “If anyone wishes to come after me, let him deny himself.” Luke 9:23. That’s what it takes to willingly carry a cross and not try to get out from under, isn’t it? Self denial. It occurs to me that a great help in “self-denial” is “other acceptance”. If I set myself aside a great help in doing this would be for me to accept another to replace myself with. If I’m going to set myself aside what , who, should take my place?Another flawed human being? How would that be a betterment? Would my life, or theirs, improve as a result? Hardly. If anything we would, under these circumstances, be a burden to one another and our lives only be made worse. Worse for wear probably. Believe me, I’d get on your nerves even if you didn’t get on mine. No, to replace self we all need something, Someone, greater than ourselves. It’s only a Greater One Who would be worth following. Following is hard work. We have to keep our eyes on the one we’re following and also keep up. This can make the journey difficult to say the least. Which is another good reason not to follow another human being with all their foibles. If you’re following me and I trip maybe you’ll trip too, and even fall. So we follow Someone Greater. Following is hard work, it takes self-denial, and hard work coupled with self-denial is a cross. But its the only way we’ll ever be where Jesus is, isn’t it?

Today …



St. Anthony Mary Zaccaria

St. Anthony Mary Zaccaria was co-founder of the Barnabites. I’m sure being involved in such an endeavor would be a tremendous cross to bear, necessitating great self-denial. Born in 1502 in Cremona, Italy, Anthony became a medical doctor. What a cross it must be, caring for the sick and infirm. In 1528 he was ordained a priest  and cofounded the Barnabites, the religious congregation so-called because it was headquartered in St. Barnabas Monastery in Milan. Being a priest is a burden, a joyful one. The Barnabites occupied the monastery in 1538, having been approved in 1533. Anthony popularized the forty-hour prayer ceremony, and its never an easy thing to introduce something new, promoted the use of altar sacraments, and introduced the ringing of church bells on Friday. Which bell ringing no doubt cause a problem, at least to begin with, with the neighbors and there’s another cross. Cross neighbors. Look at the picture. What’s that our good saint is carrying? I’ll bet he’d be a good one to ask for advice when a cross we carry seems to heavy to bear.

Pope John Paul II … He wrote a book titled “Crossing the Threshold of Hope“. The title alone gives us a lot to think about. Is there any other way to get over a threshold with hope other than a cross?