Who touches us? … Thursday, June 27

Pope Francis Portrait Painting

Pope Francis knows the origin of real and lasting joy. Listen to him with your heart.

A Rosary Meditation … The Second Joyful Mystery, the Visitation. “Everything is joy,” Pope Francis said. “But we Christians, we are not used to talking about joy, about happiness. I think that many times we prefer complaints! What is joy? The key to understanding this joy is in the Gospel: ‘Elizabeth was filled with the Holy Spirit‘. What gives us joy is the Holy Spirit.” What was Mary, Elizabeth, and John all touched by when Mary went visiting? They all experienced joy, John even danced in the womb, but this isn’t what they were touched by. And saying “what” isn’t really appropriate. It was Who they were touched by. And today? The same thing applies to us. When honest joy comes Who are we touched by? But how often do we experience joy? For most it’s probably a rare thing, at least it would seem to be if we take the world around us as evidence. So, when we’re not touched by the Holy Spirit, when we don’t experience our rightful Christian joy, who are we being touched by? When we’re miserable whose touch is that? And there are only three possibilities. The world (“them”), the flesh (“me”), and the devil (“him”). So what’s to do? How do we deal with a joyful or a joyless experience? Well, the joyful experience ought to give us cause for praise, thanksgiving, and humility. Praise to God for being so kind and loving as to bless us, thanksgiving for those same reasons, and humility given the knowledge that we don’t really deserve it. And the others? When we “touch” ourselves with anything but love and joy we need to consider our fallen human nature and pray about it. And as for the world or Satan? An indignant response when touched by the world or the devil might be “Keep your hands to yourself!”

Today …

Bl. Thomas Toan

Bl. Thomas Toan

A martyr in Vietnam. A Vietnamese native, he worked as a catechist until his arrest by authorities. After overcoming the temptations of giving up the faith, he repented his weakness and stood firm. As a result, he was viciously flogged and then left to die from exposure, succumbing after twelve agonizing days. He told the world, the flesh, and the devil “Hands off!” And Who’s hands is he in now?

Think … Those nail scared hands? Don’t ever think that you’ll fall THROUGH those wounds. But you can fall INTO them. It’s a good way to be kept safe from the world, the flesh, and the devil.

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