Tombs were made to be empty … Wednesday, June 26

Empty Tomb

The Empty Tomb. Lets keep it that way.

A Rosary Meditation … The First Glorious Mystery, the Resurrection. “And they departed quickly from the tomb in fear and great joy.” Matthew 28:8. Some of the folks on that very first Easter Sunday had a pronounced reaction when confronted with the empty tomb. True, certain unbelievers made excuses and even paid the guards that had been on watch to lie about what had happened, but the people who believed, REALLY believed, had a resurrection all their own. They saw, they knew, they believed, they hoped. These things lay dead in most of us prior to faith. Given faith, when confronted by that empty space, these things came to life in their hearts. And their reaction proves it. They departed the tomb QUICKLY. Having been given new life in Christ we ought to be anxious to leave the death that is sin behind as fast as we can. They departed the tomb, leaving death behind, with a holy fear. A fear that drove them away and put the desire in their hearts never again to return to the ways of death, to sin. And all of this was accompanied with GREAT JOY. Leaving death behind and being brought face to face with THE Life, being given a portion of that life (and what is life without love?) they experienced joy. Joy unspeakable and full of glory. The joy that is a right, a true relationship with the Risen Christ. Life being what it is it’s an easy thing to get sidetracked. That’s normal enough. What’s more important than being sidetracked is getting back on track. Always remember the empty tomb, always flee death, always work out your salvation in fear and trembling, and always, ALWAYS experience the joy.

Today …

Bl. Teresa Fantou

Bl. Teresa Fantou

French martyr, she died in 1794. A member of the Sisters of Charity in Arras, during the French Revolution, she was arrested by republican authorities and guillotined at Cambrai. Teresa and her three companions, Francoise Lanel, Madeleine Fontaine, and Joan Gerard were beatified in 1920.The world is intent upon death, ours and its own. It doesn’t realize that martyrdom, by guillotine or pin pricks, is just another doorway to life for us. Teresa? She knows.

Pope Emeritus, Benedict XVI … “Joy is the gift in which all the other gifts are included.”