Sharing worth-full-ness … Tuesday, June 11

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Christ at the pillar of scourging, making you worthwhile.

A Rosary Meditation … The Second Sorrowful Mystery, the Scourging at the Pillar. “Upon Him was the chastisement that makes us whole, by His stripes we are healed.” Isaiah 53:5. You know, when we talk about things, when we share things, our sharing is never so powerful as when we share our own experience. Telling the other person’s story has it’s time and place, but for the most part its better to stick with our own. Years ago, back in the early seventies, I went to California. I ended up with a group of people that had an entirely different world view. It wasn’t a bad one, as a matter of fact, in retrospect, they were right and I was wrong. But at the time I was a far cry from fitting in. My rebellious nature was a front for a deep-seated feeling of worthlessness. But I blustered and bluffed and I felt, on the inside where I kept it well hidden, so much less than. Less than I should’ve been, less than I could’ve been, less than I knew how to be, less than they were, less than worthless. Of course I realize now that this sort of thing often goes with growing up. But this realization is now. What was then was then and I had nothing to combat it with other than a bad attitude and a mouth to go with it. Now? Well, I see others and I understand that others aren’t so different from me. If I’ve gone through something then its more than likely that they have or are going through the same thing. So at some point EVERYONE has felt worthless. People deal with it in various ways, but I think lots of people who seem mean-spirited are just dealing with their feelings of worthlessness like I did. The Gospel, the word Gospel, means “Good News”. And Isaiah expresses it well in the above verse. “Upon Him was the chastisement that makes us whole, by His stripes we are healed.” Our worthlessness? It’s very real and the result of very real sin. Sin takes something worthwhile and turns it around, making it something less than desirable. The Good News is that my worthlessness and yours has been dealt with. If we can accept it He has, past tense, made us whole. Now, in Christ, we are worthwhile. We are once again what we were meant to be. This is God’s work and God’s will. To cling now to my sense of worthlessness would be a denial of the Gospel. To bluff and bluster now is unnecessary. He took the punishment, the beating, due my sins for me. My part now is to act accordingly and live my life as the worthwhile life that it is. “So faith also, if it have not works, is dead in itself.” James 2:17.

Today …

St. Paula Frasinetti

St. Paula Frasinetti

St. Paula Frasinetti. Foundress, also known as Paola Frassinetti. She was born in Genoa. Her brother was a parish priest in the city, and she assisted him by teaching poor children in their parish. From this humble beginning in 1834 began the Congregation of St. Dorothy, which soon spread across Italy and then to the Americas. Beatified in 1930, she was canonized in 1984. And she is more than a saint. She is a hero. Think about it. Think about those kids she taught. The poor ones who were, by some, considered worthless. How many developed a sense of self-worth because she shared with them the love of Christ? Because she taught more than school. Her example spoke volumes. And when we share whatever it is we share on a daily basis do people walk away feeling more than they were, or less than?

Consider … Jesus came to make us worthwhile again. Now we pass it on to those around us in need. “Inadequacy of his own strength, learned from experience, impels and urges a man to enlist the help of others.” ~ Pope Leo XIII ~