The Gift of Burden … Friday, May 31

A young girl carrying the cross

We all have a cross to carry. Get used to it. It’s a gift.

A Rosary Meditation … the Fourth Sorrowful Mystery, the Carrying of the Cross. “What does he gain who refuses the cross? He increases its weight.” St. Alphonsus Liguori, Doctor of the Church. Jesus carries His cross. Through crowds, across uneven ground, in the dust and heat, with both sweat and blood clouding His eyesight (Is it any wonder Veronica wiped His face?), amidst a jeering crowd, with His persecutors prodding and taunting, and with His mother and a faithful few looking on with hearts torn. How much did His cross weigh? Physically I’m sure it was heavy. I’m just as sure that it was much heavier emotionally.The weight on His shoulders wasn’t anywhere close to the weight on His Heart. We carry heavy crosses too. Many times what goes on around us makes them even heavier, just like it was for Jesus. We don’t have much control over the weight of it, we often can’t do much to make it lighter. Oh, we can seek medical help, confide in our priest and friends, ask for help if we’re willing to set pride and ego aside. But after all that? It’s still heavy. Want to make it even harder to carry? Want to make it heavier? Try setting it aside, try getting out from under it. This is life, and in life there will be crosses. We can’t escape them. In carrying them we are dealing with them. It’s when we try to shake them off or pretend that they aren’t there (denial) that we only make things worse. Jesus didn’t lay His aside even though He could have. We see the results now because we can look back at the Resurrection. It’s hard to look forward and see what blessings ours will bring. But trusting that those blessings are sure if we carry our cross to the end we’ll be able to see the blessing face to Face in the end. Running away never gets us anywhere. Running TO is a different matter. What we carry as we run only makes us stronger. Embrace the cross. It’s not a burden, it’s a gift. Jesus carried His cross to Calvary. If we carry our cross and follow Him we’ll go to Calvary too. And He’ll be there to meet us.

Today …

St. Thomas Du



St. Thomas Du

St. Thomas Du is a Vietnamese martyr. A native of Vietnam, he entered the Dominicans as a tertiary and aided the Catholic cause in Vietnam until his arrest by authorities. He was tortured and finally beheaded. Pope John Paul II canonized him in 1988. Arrest, torture, death. A big, a heavy cross. We can look back now and see the results. Du died and a saint was born. If he had tried to get out from under his cross, and by denying Christ he could have, where would he be now? If we try to escape our cross where will we be later?

Quote … “Jesus, Mary, The Cross: I want no other friends but these.” ~ St. Bernadette Soubirous ~