“Don’t worry, be happy” … Saturday, May 25

English: Ascension of Christ

The Ascension of Christ. Remember that leaving always precedes coming back.

A Rosary Meditation … The Second Glorious Mystery, the Ascension. “And behold, I am with you all days, even unto the consummation of the world.” Matthew 28:20. Has the world ended? Of course not. Admittedly it often looks as if it’s about to, and given all the signs it may not last much longer. But remember history. In 1844 lots of folks were scared to death because, due to a misunderstanding of prophecy, they thought Christ was about to return. Thousands gathered on hillsides. There were some selling white robes, “wedding garments”, so that you could be ready to meet Jesus. In the year 1,000 a.d. there was wide-spread panic across Europe. Everybody thought that year would mark the end. I guess it was another version of Y2K. Y1K in this instance. The world is still here and there’s no reason to fret about the end. Its better to expend that energy on being ready. Then the end will take care of itself and we can get on with living our daily lives. Whenever the end transpires it’s still future tense. Until then? Why WOULD we worry? People often concentrate on the end here and miss the beginning of the sentence. “I am with you all days.” There is no reason to worry about the end if we remain with Jesus in the NOW. Sure He left. But it’s just as sure that He’ll come back. Until then He has not left us comfortless. He is here with us in the Eucharist, He is brought to us and represented by the Holy Spirit, and in a very real way He’s here with us through His Body, the Church. And all of this will last until He returns physically. Its like the song: “Don’t worry, be happy.” With Him to be with now and look forward to later why wouldn’t we be happy?

Today …

St. Manuel Moralez



St. Manuel Moralez

Manuel Moralez was a Seminarian in Durango, MX. On July 29, 1929, Manuel was speaking at a rally and was captured by anti-church forces. Manuel was offered his freedom if he denounced the church. He declined. Manuel is considered a Martyr of the Cristera War. Proving that the world ends for some of us early and that, if you just can’t wait  for the return of Christ, the world is more than willing to provide any of us with a one way ticket into the presence of God.

Think … Many people may be only one act of kindness away from meeting a true Christian.