Believing … Wednesday, May 8

deliver us from evil

“Deliver us from evil.”

A Rosary Meditation … The Second Glorious Mystery, the Ascension. “But he who does not believe shall be condemned.” Mark 16:16. Lends a whole new meaning to phrases like, “I disagree with the Church concerning fill-in-the-blank,” or, “Well, I know the Church teaches such-and-such, but ~ I ~ think & etc.” When Jesus ascended who did He leave in charge? The folks who make comments like these? If you listen to them you’d think so. I think that they probably already think so. I never will forget someone saying, someone who took the Magisterium to task over the “mistakes” ~ THEY ~ saw, “Its my job to keep the Church in line.” Ego. EGO. Since when did the Holy Spirit go on coffee break and designate this guy supervisor til He gets back?! OK, now that that’s out of my system (it’s not really, I just don’t want to bore everyone with my harping), what did Jesus say just before He ascended, and has He been back since then to change or qualify the statement? We have to believe, don’t we? And that’s in force until He returns. But believe what? That answer is simple. Believe the Gospel. The next logical question is, “What is the Gospel?”, followed quickly by, “Who has the authority to tell me what the Gospel, in its entirety, comprises?” Short version, otherwise you’d never read this post because I’d be typing for eternity, the Gospel is the Good News about Christ and His message and the people He left in charge (and NOT the ones who claim authority “just because”), His Church, are the only ones with the authority to explain these truths. Period. There is no “but” anywhere in any of these concepts. And regardless of what some think, do, and teach its going to be that way until He gets back. It’s then that the believers and the non-believers, the sheep and the goats, get separated. It’s then that a condemnation from which there is no escape is proclaimed. Until then however He waits in Heaven to hear the confessions of the non-believers as they pour out their hearts to His priests, the men authoritatively designated as those who share in His Divine Priesthood. Maranatha.

Today … St. Abran. He was a hermit and also called Gibrian. From Ireland, Abran, the eldest of five brothers and three sisters, sailed to Brittany with his siblings. There all of them continued their hermitages and greatly influenced the people of the area. Abran and his brothers and sisters were all declared saints. Have you ever noticed what an effect hermits seem to have on the people around them? They live in seclusion, you’d think no one would see them and that their example would go unnoticed. But the opposite is true. Why? Simple. Because they’re faithful, because they’re obedient, because they know Who the Boss is and it ain’t them.

Consider … People confessing with their mouths that they believe, but not believing in their hearts God’s One True message, aren’t impressing or fooling God. They are however setting themselves up for a fall that they themselves will not be impressed by, neither will they be fooled by it. Now is the time for turning around. Now is the time for confession. Jesus ascended. The point here being that that won’t last. What happens when He returns is what lasts.