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I have a friend who has been diagnosed with cancer and is beginning chemo. I think things like this can be harder on certain people because of their circumstances and etc. This lady is very pretty (she is in her 60s and could pass for in her 40s) and is loosing her hair. For a guy, hey, I just shaved my head to get it over with and laughed about it. But I think it must be different for a woman. She has also had several very close family members, her mom being one, die of this same cancer so she’s scared too. And then there’s the bills, the sick, the hospital bed (not to mention the food), and the list goes on. She has a fighting spirit and takes none of this laying down. I took a different route but we’ll hope that her way of doing things is a positive for her, and for her I think it is. Please pray for her, that God’s will be done to the fullest. Because if she has that nothing else matters. Thanks.

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  1. Offering prayers for her tonight my friend. I have often thought about the “hair” part being a woman and how I would feel. Then I had two friends who went through it, and because of the chemo they were so sick. The “hair” was the least of it for them by that point. They found so many ways to make themselves cute with their “little bald heads.” They never wore wigs, it just was what it was for them. When their hair grew back, it was beautiful. Prettier than it was before they lost it. I know God will hear our prayers. God Bless and may He bless your friend as well. SR

    • Thank you and bless you. 🙂

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