The only Jesus someone might ever see … Tuesday, April 30

Holy Trinity Column in Olomouc (Czech Republic...

Holy Trinity Column in Olomouc (Czech Republic) – one of reliefs in the inner chapel depicting the Crucifixion of Jesus.

A Rosary Meditation … The Fifth Sorrowful Mystery, the Crucifixion. “And Jesus said, ‘Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.’ ” Luke 23:34. Jesus had sympathy even for the ones who were killing Him. Most people, hanging there, dying on a cross, hurled curses at their tormenters. Jesus’ reaction was altogether different. And people noticed. The Good Thief noticed and converted. The Roman Centurion noticed and proclaimed, “Truly, this was the son of God.”  We’re not told of any others but the chances are good that these weren’t the only two. His words, His prayers, were something so very different that they would be hard to miss. People were watching Him there on the cross as He died. He’s not here to watch any more, is He? So who do people watch now? They can’t watch Him die so they, “they” being the world and the people of it, do the next best thing. They watch His followers live. Just as the example Jesus set on the cross had a profound effect on many of those watching (the Church received her first canonized saint, St. Dismas, out of the deal) so our example in daily living has an effect on those around us. Do they see us dying to the world, like Jesus on the cross, or do they see us living for it? Given our daily actions how many saints, like Dismas, will be the result of our example?

Today …

St. Joseph Cottolengo

St. Joseph Cottolengo

St. Joseph Cottolengo

Joseph was born at Bra, near Turin, Italy. He was ordained and engaged in pastoral work. When a woman he attended died from lack of medical facilities for the poor in Turin, he opened a small home for the sick poor. When it began to expand, he organized the volunteers who had been manning it into the Brothers of St. Vincent and the Daughters of St. Vincent (Vincentian Sisters). When cholera broke out in 1831, the hospital was closed, but he moved it just outside the city at Valdocco and continued ministering to the stricken. The hospital grew and he expanded his activities to helping the aged, the deaf, blind, crippled, insane, and wayward girls until his Piccola Casa became a great medical institution. To minister to these unfortunates, he founded the Daughters of Compassion, the Daughters of the Good Shepherd, the Hermits of the Holy Rosary, and the Priests of the Holy Trinity. Weakened by typhoid he had contracted, he died at Chieri, Italy, and was canonized in 1934. Now here is a good example. I wonder Who HE was watching, to have gathered such heart as to set this example? Who are we watching? Watching the right One will no doubt improve our example.

Remember … You may be the only Jesus some people ever see.