A day in the life …

w11 - Henry David Thoreau

“I wouldn’t talk about myself half so much if I knew anyone else half so well.” ~ Henry David Thoreau ~

I loved reading Thoreau’s experiences on Walden Pond growing up. I was even more impressed with him when I discovered his influence on Gandhi. Two heroes of mine early on. Anyway, Thoreau shared of himself. Well, I have a blog, so go figure … 😉

~ I got up early this morning, about 3 a.m. (As long as the cats get fed I can get up or go to bed when I want. But I keep a schedule. Its called self discipline.)

~ By about 7:30 I had everything done for the day. My cleaning, my exercise, my menu for the day. (I try to keep a clean cabin. I can’t stand a mess. I exercise a little so as not to atrophy. The menu is of worth only part of the time. The rest of the time? Look out, McDonald’s Dollar Menu!)

~ I felt really good. I actually had some energy. So I went to the store and stocked up on canned goods. (I’ve gotten so used to the taste of canned vegetables that I prefer them to fresh. I did NOT buy any smoked oysters. They’re my favorite food in a can. I didn’t get any. Am I sick? Again?)

~ After I put the groceries up I still had energy so I went to visit a friend. They were busy so I didn’t stay long. They like me. (It never ceases to amaze me that most people like me. I mean it. I’ve lived with me for over 58 years now and know what I’m like. Folks must either have really kind hearts or low expectations, I’m not sure which.)

~ When I got back home there was a big bag of books setting in my lawn chair. My landlord watches out for me. I think he worries that, because I don’t get out a lot, I’ll be bored. (Bored? BORED? I’ve got Church, my prayer life, six and a half cats [Floppy shows up when he wants to], I cook, I clean, I watch a little internet TV, talk with friends, read, listen to music, play computer games [to much], and I have two blogs. I wish I had time to get bored.)

~ I have two blogs. The other one, which is new, http://www.theprisonerfanfiction.wordpress.com , is doing well. (I posted to it today. I’ve actually gotten “likes” and subscribers. I tried writing fiction 40 years ago. It wasn’t good. Am I better or has the standard been lowered?)

~ The cat, my indoor cat, Serenity, has been very cuddly today. (OK, what does he want?)

~ At this point of my day I did two things concurrently. I over ate and I “cratered”. The energy is gone. It was a big day. Its over now. (Serenity is curled up by my feet and I’m trying to decide whether to go to sleep or play Fishdom on the ‘puter.)

A day in the life of … Me. So? So what? Well, it was a good day. I enjoyed it. I wasn’t contemplating life while gazing across Walden Pond. (By the way. When Thoreau was off in the wilderness being all philosophical and independent? He was only about two miles from his mom’s house and used to take her his laundry.) But I was living my own life, leaving the complicated contemplation of it to God. Unlike Gandhi I didn’t free India or anyone else. But I lived my own life free, in the freedom Jesus has won for me. These two guys, Thoreau and Gandhi, are still heroes of mine. Individuals with honest purpose and the will to go forward. But, some days, petting the cat, and eating a little (a little?) too much, knowing that the people around you care, and feeling good about it all is all the honest purpose a person needs to go forward with.

Sirach, chapter 14 …

11 * My son, if you have the means, treat yourself well,

and enjoy life as best you can.c

12 Remember that death does not delay,

and you have not been told the grave’s appointed time.

13 Before you die, be good to your friends;

give them a share in what you possess.d

14 Do not deprive yourself of good things now

or let a choice portion escape you.

I’m gonna play Fishdom now. 😉

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