Well, I did it …

The Prisoner  - Number Six "Patrick McGoo...

The Prisoner – Number Six ,Patrick McGoohan. (September 1967) Probably, seriously TVs finest moment. All of the episodes are online and free at crackle.com

I’ve mentioned in the past that my hobby is the 1960s TV series “The Prisoner” starring Patrick McGoohan. By extension this necessarily includes Mr. McGoohan’s other series, “Danger Man“, which is also known as “Secret Agent”. The hobby consists of watching episodes, reading books about it (there was a university course taught on it in Quebec during the 70s), and writing my own stories. With the stories in mind, which admittedly probably won’t make much sense to anyone not familiar with the program, I’ve launched another site. So there. 😉 … http://www.theprisonerfanfiction.wordpress.com



  1. So….who is Number 1?

    • Ah, that’s easy. 😉 “Where am I?” … “In the Village.” … “Who are you?” … “The new Number 2.” … “Who is Number 1?” … “You are, Number 6.” lol

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