Sing a new song … Wednesday, April 10

Assumption of the Virgin Mary (Rubens)

Assumption of the Virgin Mary (Rubens). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A Rosary Meditation … The Fourth Glorious Mystery, the Assumption. “Sing to the Lord a new song, for he has done wondrous deeds.” Psalm 97:1. Certainly the Assumption is a wondrous deed and would require a new song. A new song of praise from Mary and all the Heavenly host. What might this song consist of? Your guess is as good as mine and guessing is futile. We’ll know, just as she did, when we get there. Think about what your own song will be like and we’ll both have a clue. 😉 That any creature, and in so far as humans are concerned Mary is the only one … EVER, be assumed body and soul into Heaven because God wants them there beside Him is definitely wonderful and worth singing about. Being creatures ourselves we ought to join in. One of the ways we can join in is a simple as the set of Rosary beads you hold in your hand.

Today … St. Fulbert of Chartres. Bishop of Chartres, France, and a poet and scholar who aided the Cluniac Reform. Born in Italy circa 952 or 960, Fulbert studied at Rheims, France, under future Pope Sylvester II. In 1003 he returned to France, becoming the bishop of Chartres in 1007. Fulbert rebuilt the cathedral there when it burned down and defended monasticism and orthodoxy. His hymns, treatises, and letters have survived. A poet, a writer of hymns. New songs from one looking forward to a wonderful homecoming.

Think … It won’t be every day that you’ll feel like singing. Sing anyway.

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