Native American Spirituality

Native American musicians of the Southwest

Native American musicians of the Southwest. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Native American spirituality has become very popular here in the U.S. over the past several decades. More and more people involve themselves and its no longer strictly Native territory. Many Anglos have become a part of it, taking part in it. My interest, being Cherokee, is personal, but along slightly different lines.

A lot of folks don’t realize that until the 1970s many aspects of Native American “religion” were illegal in the U.S. Freedom of religion seems to pertain only when convenient for the government. Because certain things, like Ghost Dance, were thought to be dangerously subversive, perhaps tending towards revolt against the government, they had been outlawed. Ghost Dance was honestly more a matter of women mourning their war dead and wishing for their return. This was construed by the U.S. government as an attempt to stir up people and fuel more uprisings. Catholics take note. When, as an example, homosexuality is protected by a constitutional amendment (and it will be as soon as our current president appoints two more “liberal” Supreme Court justices, which he will do during this, his second, administration) as a viable alternative life style, it’s entirely possible that any religious group refusing to “marry” a homosexual couple on moral grounds could be found guilty of discrimination, even a “hate” crime which is automatically a felony, and treated legally as criminal. There is no freedom available to the individual or to religious groups if that freedom interferes with the operation and agenda of Big Brother. We’re already beginning to see how dishonest Federal “exceptions to the rule” are given the governments current health care mandate. It’s already been proven in the Native American experience. Any government that can force an organization to pay for abortion can force the same group to perform immoral marriages and even hire homosexual “ministers”. That’s already been tried. It was put down, true, but down now doesn’t mean out for good. Freedom of religion was a myth in Rome 2,000 years ago. It remains a myth in our modern wold.

Native American spirituality. It comes in various guises, many of them very benign with much to commend it. But what I really want to get across here is the TRUE, the REAL Native American spirituality that almost all the world, Turtle Island in particular, doesn’t even know exists because its not perceived as Native. Its considered the white mans religion by many. That’s a misconception to the tenth power. It was delivered by a Woman of semantic origin almost 500 years ago to a Native American in what we call Mexico today. It was meant especially for Native Americans because this Lady presented Herself AS Native with a message FOR Natives. The Lady was the Blessed Virgin Mary. She wore a black belt when she appeared. To the Natives in that specific area it was a sign that she was pregnant. She carried a Child. The “god” of that area was a serpent. It demanded human sacrifice. By bringing to us the True Human Sacrifice she put an end to the horrors of the pagan acts of murder. She was and is the Mother of Life amidst a culture of death. In all of this She crushed the head of the serpent-god. Her name, in the local Native tongue, means just that. “She who crushes the head of the serpent.” Guadalupe. At that point in time REAL and TRUE Native American spirituality became a religion not of death but of LIFE.

Today, in the Americas, human sacrifice prevails. Millions are sacrificed to the gods of lust, greed, and convenience under the guise of personal rights and freedom of choice. Death parades as freedom. The true American religion is spurned as a thing foolish and out of date.

Perhaps we’ll be visited again. Maybe the next visit brings more love. Maybe wrath.



  1. I always say, “If you think the government will not take everything you own, change the way you live and make you into something you are not, ask the American Indian.” Pretty much says it all, doesn’t it? I have always admired their “spirituality” as they knew so much about being “spiritual.” An Indian told me years ago, (I cannot remember what tribe) but he told me, “Jesus walked over here, with them.” I never forgot that. Good reflective post for me. God Bless, SR

    • Yes, but happily some tribes have had the last laugh. The peoples given territory in Oklahoma for example. The ground was worth nothing for crops or herds, which is why they got it. But with the discovery of oil, well, earth that couldn’t sustain anything else seems to grow casinos right well. lol 😉

  2. “Grow casinos right well.” LOL! God Bless, SR

  3. I don’t think it could of been said any better .Let us pray for an end to abortion and the other evils of this world .amen, amen I say to you look kindly on us dear LORD and have mercy on your children

    • Amen. God bless you, Ginny. 🙂

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