A “risen”, a “doubting”, and forgiveness … Sunday, April 7

The Painting of Divine Mercy by Adolf Hyla. Th...

The Painting of Divine Mercy by Adolf Hyla. The phrase at the bottom is Polish for “Jesus I trust in you.” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

John 20:19-31 is today’s Gospel reading. There’s a lot here. A risen Christ, a doubting Thomas, the power to forgive sin, and more. Think about the sort of God who has the power to resurrect Himself from the dead. It’s not everybody who can get up and walk away from their own grave. Think about the sort of God that is willing to bear with a doubting Thomas, even to the extent of proving Himself to a mere creature. Think about the sort of God that not only forgives sin happily but also gives His priests the opportunity to share in and administer that same love. What sort of God is this? One that has wounds, One that listens even tho He knows what Thomas is going to say before Thomas does, One that forgives even after having been dealt a deadly set of wounds and invites others to share in forgiveness. Loving, sharing, forgiving, and understanding because He has been there and done that. There’s only One that fits the description, isn’t there?

This is the same One that blessed Saint Faustina with the revelation of Divine Mercy Sunday. The same One that blesses us each on that same Sunday even now. Mercy never ends in this life. I’ve heard it said, “God is the God of second chances. As many as it takes.” Today is Living proof of that. “Living” because He lives, “proof” because just as He showed Thomas His wounds He gives us access to them as well. He told Thomas, “Put your hand in my side!” Today He tells each of us to hide ourselves in the wound just below His Sacred Heart. This is no small thing. It’s the one thing that, if accepted, could keep Hell empty and make Heaven overflow. If accepted.

“Blessed are those who have not seen and yet believe.” John 20:31b. That’s you and me, if we believe. It takes faith, a real believing, to know He’s risen without having been there. It takes real faith to look at the Host and see Jesus just because He said so when we weren’t even there to hear it. It takes true faith to believe that those wounds are there for MY, because its personal for each and every one of us, benefit. It takes faith to say, “Jesus, I trust in You.”

“Once He had risen, Jesus gave His followers a new unity, stronger than the kind they had before, invincible, because it was founded not on human resources, but on The Divine Mercy which made them feel they were all loved and forgiven by Him. It is therefore the merciful love of God that firmly unites the Church, today as yesterday, and makes humanity a single family; the divine love, which through Jesus crucified and risen, forgives our sins and renews us from within.”

Pope Benedict XVI … Emeritus

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