Unidentified Flying Object

Unidentified Flying Object (Photo credit: eisenrah)

UFOs. “Unidentified Flying Objects.” When I was little the UFO craze wasn’t all that old and was in full swing. I even saw one. I’ve never been sure exactly what kind of “thing” it was. I never thought it was extraterrestrial. I thought it was some sort of jet, but because I couldn’t be sure, and because it didn’t look like any jet I’d ever seen before (The nose of the thing didn’t go straight ahead like normal, it went up and made the thing look a little it had run into a mountain nose first and bent the thing straight up. *weird*) it was unidentified. It was obviously an object and it was flying. So I saw a UFO. Maybe, and this is what I’ve really wondered about, it was a new type of military aircraft, experimental. I lived not far from an air force base.


We live in a world that feeds readily on cynicism. Oddly enough it’s also willing to swallow just about any harebrained “whatever” that comes along hook line and sinker if its “new”. “New” is cool, and old is, well, old is what I am. But anything new titillates the curiosity and gives the mind a chance to escape the realities that aren’t so cool. Pollution, crime, governments (plural) on the brink of financial collapse, war, unpopular topics like the murdering of babies, the steady erosion freedom of religion (and other freedoms as well), and … Anyway, it’s no wonder folks want to hear about something else. And being familiar with what’s gone before the something else people want to hear about needs to be new. A fresh lie is more entertaining for the world than an old truth, no matter how relevant the truth may be.


Enter the “New” Evangelism. What is this New Evangelism? Well, at its simplest it’s using new ways, like the internet, to spread the Gospel. So people can hear the tried and true Truth in a new way that might just get their attention. If you’re reading this you’re taking part in it. Telling old tried and true Truths to a world grown fat on the entertaining lies its being fed by a media grown rich and powerful, perhaps drunk with power. Jesus walked into the temple one day, started running people out, was yelling, “My Father’s House is a house of prayer and you’ve turned it into a den of thieves!”, and kicked over tables all at the same time. Now THERE was a new evangelism! And no, don’t go running to your nearest “den of thieves” and start doing all this. No matter how bad I , er, I mean, no matter how bad you want to. But those tables that got kicked over? Now THAT’S the ticket! Lets use things like the internet, TV, radio, print, bullhorns maybe, to TURN the tables.


Now, back to those UFOs. Did you know that in taking part in the New Evangelism we can actually dispatch UFOs to help with it? No joke, for real. Do you think the average person would recognize an angel if they saw one? Probably not. Probably think it was a new form of special effects developed by Wal-Mart to attract more business. Do angels fly? Sure the do. So here we have our unidentified flying objects. Ooooh. Better than a super secret air force jet. Jesus said he could call on legions of angels if He wanted to. See Matthew 26:53. He also said we’d do even greater works than He did. John 14:12. Sooo … Remember all those neat sci-fi serials from the 40s and 50s? OK, most of you probably don’t. Take my word for it, there were lots and lots of UFOs. More than enough to get the job done and good always triumphed. Ask Rocky Jones and Buck Rogers. All those UFOs, so many, I’ll bet we couldn’t count them all.


OK, now get out your calculator and start counting angels. Or just start praying. You decide which’ll work best.


Grainy B&W image of supposed UFO, Passoria, Ne...

Grainy B&W image of supposed UFO, Passoria, New Jersey, 1952. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



  1. I was listening to a “religious” program last night about “UFO’s helping us.” Gees!!!! I do not for the life of me understand why people must have more than God, His creation, His Church, His Angels and Saints, most of all His Son? Humans are never satisfied are we, with what God has given to us? It is like we are always searching for our “promise land” and we have it here with us now, called the Holy Spirit. Now I am rambling so will stop. Good post and God Bless, SR

    • Your “rambling” is pretty much spot on. 🙂

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