If Heaven was empty … Wednesday, April 3

Agape, Chionia, and Irene

Agape, Chionia, and Irene (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A Rosary Meditation … The Second Glorious Mystery, the Ascension. “He who believes and is baptized shall be saved.” Mark 16:16. More last-minute instructions for the ones He’s leaving in charge of His Body, His Church. Instructions meant to help others gain Heaven, avoid hell. Have you ever wondered what Heaven would be like without the angels? Without your guardian angel? Without the saints? Without us? Without … you? Jesus gave lots of instructions, a great many helps, His own self on the cross, so that we could be in Heaven with Him. It must be awfully important to Him that we be there. So what would it be like if we weren’t? What would Heaven be like if it was empty? Oh, I know God would be there. He’s everywhere. But if you set that thought aside for a minute and just ask, “What would Heaven be like if it were empty?”, what answer will we get? Put yourself in Jesus’ place. He’s as truly human as He is truly God you know. What would Heaven be like for you if YOU were the only one there? Alone. Would it still be Heaven? Would being alone for all eternity be Heaven? Or would it be another kind of hell? Our being there is one thing, our being there with Him is another thing. Togetherness is what matters most here. God’s Church, His people (plural), comprise a family unit. This is obviously one of the things God wants, for us all to be there, together. Its important enough that His last words to the Church’s leadership were instructions meant to help us get there, to help them get us there. There’s a lot more to the seemingly simple words “baptized” and “saved” than first come to mind. Its much more than dictionary definitions. It’s the reality of family, REAL and lasting family. And that is God’s will.

Today … St. Agape (“agape” means “love”) and her sisters Chionia and Irene, family, Christians of Thessalonica, Macedonia, were convicted of possessing texts of the Scriptures despite a decree issued in 303 by Emperor Diocletian naming such possessions a crime punishable by death. We think things like that unheard of today. Not so. It hasn’t been that long ago that, under British rule, it was illegal to own a Rosary in Ireland. And did you ever try smuggling Bibles into the U.S.S.R.? Or have you checked on the freedom granted (denied) to Catholics in North Korea, Vietnam, China? But this family of faithful Christians, after they had refused to sacrifice to pagan gods, the governor, Dulcitius, had Agape and Chionia burned alive. When Irene still refused to recant, Dulcitius ordered her sent to a house of prostitution. There she was unmolested after being exposed naked and chained, she was put to death either by burning or by an arrow through her throat. Happily, having followed the directions left by Christ and taught by the hierarchy of His Church, they are still together, still family, with a multitude of other family members. And Heaven is far from empty.

Consider … “There is only one path to Heaven. On Earth, we call it Love.” ~ Anonymous ~


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