“Jesus loves the little children … “

Two Children Playing

Two children playing. Look sweet, don’t they? Or do they? (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

” … all the children of the world!” We’ve all heard the song. And seen the pictures of Jesus surrounded by little ones, holding one in His arms, everyone all smiles. It’s a nice picture and Jesus DOES love children. He loves children of all ages.


I have a “prayer-book” that I put together some time back. It’s a small photo album filled with holy cards. Just pictures of Jesus and Mary and angels and saints. No words, just pictures. I look at these and let my thoughts about them be my prayer. Sometimes the thoughts are rather generic, but there are times that they’re more pointed.


One of the cards shows Jesus surrounded by smiling children, one in His lap. It’s very pretty. It makes me think of the above song. But the song makes me think of other things. Jesus loves the little children, yes He does. But what are children like? Really? We think of little ones and we get sweet mental images of a sleeping baby, little boys playing baseball, girls on roller skates. These are nice pictures too. But when I think of children, having been one and seemingly headed in that direction again, I see, being realistic, the other side of the coin. The other side of the picture or holy card in this instance. I see the baby throw up, I see the boys taunting, I see the girls fighting, I see spoiled brats, I hear screaming tantrums, and … Well, you get the picture too, I’m sure. But these are all the same kids we were looking at just a minute ago. A minute ago they were lovable, but right now maybe not so much. And I put myself in that picture, both sides of it. I see the sweet child that I can be, I see the mean little kid that I all to often am. I see one other thing that makes all the difference in the world …


I see that Jesus loves the little children. Even knowing what they’re like when you look at the other side of the card.



  1. Wonderful post and the prayer book idea is truly a great one! I do very well with the visuals also. Hope you are feeling better and God Bless, SR

    • Thank you. 🙂 I feel much better. I sleep a lot, guess I need the extra rest to recoup. I’m just happy not to be sick anymore. I still think its funny. I offer up my sufferings and then do all I can to get out from under them. lol

  2. Don’t feel alone. Wasn’t it St. Therese of Liseux that said, “I am so glad God did not call me to suffer, as I would not do it well.” (Or something like that) Well that is me:>) You know some suffer so joyfully, not me. Nope! I can truly be a “complainer.” I am glad you are feeling better. God Bless, SR

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