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The Good Humor logo used until 2000. Its more than just food-stuff. Its a lifestyle. 😉 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Illness can do, and not do, a great many things. Like an iceberg, most of which is beneath water level, it can be hard to describe because certain portions are hidden or they parade as other issues. “Insidious” describes this aspect. But, like just about everything else in life, it’s a two-sided coin, having both its negative and positive aspects.

What illness CAN do …

Illness can force a person into a position of contemplation. It’s a little hard to do anything but think when all you can do is lay there. Thinking can be hard enough and can go in a variety of directions. Some prayer and a positive exercise of will, good will, can lead it, the thinking or contemplation that is, down appropriate paths.

Illness can make us rest whether we want to or not. And, just a thought, if we have to be MADE to rest, well, we’re probably overdue.

Illness, in giving us a chance to slow down, can provide an opportunity to explore new avenues. If the illness makes us weak the weakness may limit these avenues but it can’t take them away entirely. And this weakened state may itself lend itself to a kind of creativity. Example: I can’t do THIS, so whats left that I CAN do?

Illness can remind us that we aren’t made of steel. To admit our human frailty is an act of humility. Illness lends itself well to humility.

In our weakness illness can provide others with the opportunity to shine. If we didn’t need help they would never have the chance to obey Christ’s command to be charitable. Our illness is therefore useful to others.

What illness CAN’T do …

It can’t separate us from God.

It can’t make us be the disease. You are NOT your illness. You are still you and always will be.

It can’t make us unlovable. True, a hurting attitude on our part can give others pause but it can also provide both us and them with a growth opportunity. Even in what illness CAN’T do there are positives.

Illness can’t take away hope unless we let it. If we don’t let it then it gives us an even greater reason to hope.

And so …

Life, illness, dis-ease, is what you make it. More importantly, it’s what you allow God to make of it. The disease may get in our way. That doesn’t mean it gets in His way.

I’ll see the doctor this afternoon. If how I feel is any indication I’m as strong as a mule. Some would say I’ve the mentality of one as well. But I’m not going to see a shrink today, I’m going to see my general practitioner. I will go with my sense of humor intact. (I promised my doctor that I’d go out of this life laughing. He believes me.) He’ll let me know what else is intact. And I’ll keep you all posted. Happily, in a day or two, things will return to normal and I will “Blog on!” 😉

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