Your cross is meant for sharing … Tuesday, March 12

Crosses in B/W

Crosses in B/W. They come in color and all sizes too. (Photo credit: Ken Rowland)

A Rosary Meditation … “And bearing His own cross, He went forth … ” John 19:17a. Have you ever talked with someone who was having a problem? Have you ever talked with someone about their problem, sharing with them how you dealt with the same problem and overcame it? Has anyone ever done this sort of thing with you? Did it help? Maybe their experience gave insight, maybe not, but you felt better knowing you weren’t all alone and that others wrestled with the same issue didn’t you? And if they had come out on top it gave you hope didn’t it? Jesus knows perfectly how this works. He was just like us, He IS just like us, except for sin. He knows what its like to have problems, He understands needing answers. But He left, didn’t He? Oh, I know His Real Presence is here with us, but He’s not walking the streets helping and sharing is He? When Jesus returned to Heaven what did He leave here? An instruction book? (Remember, the New Testament was written later.) A monument? (Remember, the tombs empty.) So what did He leave exactly? Did He leave any help behind? Yes, He did. He left us. And He sends us crosses. When Jesus received His cross did He go looking for it or did it find Him? You don’t need to go looking either. The cross will come to you. And then? Because He left us here to help we take the cross He gives us and we do what He did. We go forth. And because we have crosses we’re able to help others who have crosses. Being given a cross is being given a tool and a blessing. A tool for helping others that blesses both them and us. A cross is not a misery, it’s a grace.

Today … St. Seraphina was born in San Gimignano, Italy, to a poor family. She was known for her self-denial and acts of penance as a young girl. A mysterious illness left this beautiful girl unattractive; her eyes, feet, and hands became deformed and eventually Seraphina was paralyzed. Her mother and father both died while she was young. She was devoted to St. Gregory the Great. She died on the feast of St. Gregory, exactly as she had been warned by Gregory in a dream. Seraphina was a very helpful child around the family home. She did many of the chores and helped her mother spin and sew. Talk about crosses! Here is a saint that can have sympathy for everyone from a seamstress who pricks a finger with a pin to a paraplegic. She had lots of crosses, lots of experience, lots to share. I’ll bet that if you’ll tell her about your problem and ask her to pray for you she’ll know exactly what to say on your behalf.

Prayer request … I had the stomach flu, got better and my back went out, got better and now I’ve come down with a head cold. Thankfully mild. So far. Somebody somewhere must really be in need ’cause I daily offer up my sufferings for the salvation of sinners and, well, I’d think Heaven would be full by now.


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