Decisions, decisions, mistakes, mistakes.

Daily I write the next days post. When I write it I always preview it so that I can tweek it, check for errors, etc. In order to check it I punch the preview button. That works real well. Unless, like this morning, I click on publish instead. I really wish I could blame stuff like this on something like chemo brain, but I honestly can’t. I can however honestly blame it on being human. *sigh* So, I just sent everybody Friday’s post. Without its normal tweeking. What a headache I am. 😉

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  1. No, you are not a headache, but you are very human and that itself is a wonderful blog post. Thanks for making me smile on an early, dreary, wet morning.

    • Thank you for being kind. Everybody that puts up with me I consider a plus. lol

  2. Oh , contrair, it is good to know you are really human..You made me smile GOD bless you

    • Thank you. 🙂 I smile at me too. Every once in awhile. lol

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