Why does Jesus love us? … Sunday, March 3

Old fig tree

Old fig tree (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Just a short thought today. But hopefully one that will make us think about the one thing that matters most. God’s love.

Today’s Gospel reading is Luke 13:1-9. Bluntly Jesus explains that sinners are sinners. One group is no better or worse than another when it comes to the quality of sin. It separates us from God. What could be worse than that? But dwelling on this sort of thing alone makes it all sound so hopeless. And it’s not. The parable he tells next explains this to us. He speaks about a fig tree that bears no fruit even though its full-grown and ought to. The owner decides to cut it down. Why not get it out of the way and make room for something, well, more fruitful? But one of his servants offers to care for the tree, to pay special attention to it. Maybe, if given a little extra care, it can be salvaged and made worthwhile. If not it can be cut down later.

We all belong in the first group that Jesus talks about. The sinners. But there IS hope. When was the last time I bore fruit? Am I worth the space I take up? And Jesus gives me the answer at Calvary. Not only does Christ tend flock, being the Good Shepherd, but he tends garden as well. Never give up hope. I know from personal experience that it can be very tempting to give up. And “tempting” is the proper word here. In giving up Satan wins. In continuously trying we show our willingness to be tended to in spite of our weaknesses. Actually, because of our weaknesses. Jesus loves us trees and sheep why? Maybe because He knows we need to be loved. Maybe that’s all the reason He needs.



  1. Jude-Too often I enjoy your posts, hit the like button and run without comment. Today, I say thank you for your posts πŸ˜‰

    • πŸ™‚ Thank you, you’re very kind. I run too. Just not nearly so fast as I used to, lol

  2. “Am I worth the space I take up?” I know that was not supposed to be funny, but I had to laugh. I have never in my life thought about that? What a thought to ponder!!!! That statement is like my Daddy once told me, “When you think you are too big for your britches, look at the ocean and the sky.” “Then realise how really small you are compared to other things.”

    This is a thought I will ponder on all week if not longer. Great post as usual. God Bless, SR

    • Your Daddy obviously knew what he was talking about. πŸ˜‰

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