Easter Sunday … March 31, 2013

Our Lord Jesus Christ

Our Lord Jesus Christ (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Surrexit Dominus: the Lord is risen and grants to those who share in his triumph over death the courage and the strength to continue to build up a new humanity by refusing every kind of violence, sectarianism and injustice. The Lord of life has risen with power, bringing with him love and justice, respect, forgiveness and reconciliation. The One who from nothingness had called the world into existence, only he could break the seals of the tomb, only he could become the source of New Life for us, who are subject to the universal law of death. “Who will roll away the stone for us from the door of the tomb?” (Mk 16:3), the women were asking one another, when very early they were going to the tomb where the Lord had been laid. To this question, asked by the people of every age, of every country, culture and continent, the Bishop of Rome replies, this year too, with the message “Urbi et Orbi“:

“Scimus Christum surrexisse a mortuis vere…” Yes, we know for certain that Christ is truly risen from the dead: You, victorious King, have mercy on us. Amen! Alleluia! ~ Blessed Pope John Paul II the Great ~

Taken from:
L’Osservatore Romano
Weekly Edition in English
10 April 1996.

The proof and the hope of our Christian Faith springs from an empty tomb.

Have you no fear of God, for you are subject to the same condemnation. And indeed, we have been condemned justly, for the sentence we received corresponds to our crimes, but this man has done nothing criminal. Jesus, remember me when you come into your kingdom.

Saint Dismas from Luke 23: 40 – 42

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Because He lives … Saturday, March 30

English: Resurrection of Christ

Resurrection of Christ. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A Rosary Meditation … The First Glorious Mystery, the Resurrection. “For I will see you again, and your heart shall rejoice, and your joy no one shall take from you.” John 16:22. A good verse to dwell upon the day before Easter. “For I will see you again … ” God knows every flower of the field and watches over all the sparrows. There has never been a time when you and I haven’t been in His field of vision. In saying “I will see you again” He makes it clear that He will receive us, at His second coming or at our death. Either way He’ll be seeing a loved one that He’s always watched over. We on the other hand will see a Loved One with our own eyes for the first time. Perhaps many is the time that we’ve glimpsed Him with our heart. But this seeing? It will be eye to eye. He has risen, the First Fruits of Life and New Life. Because He lives so do we. Just think about that for a little. Because He lives so do we. Without His Resurrection everything else, the teachings, the healings, the fulfillment of prophecy, would’ve been of no account. His Resurrection is the proof of all the rest. It is the guarantee that because He lives so do we.

Today … St. Pastor. Bishop of Orleans, France. There is no documentation concerning him but this we can know about him. He’s alive and well for the reason given above.

Confirmation of all the above … “Jesus said unto her, I am the resurrection, and the life: he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live (John 11:25).

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Walking today, Good Friday, with Jesus and Mary … Friday, March 29

English: St Francis of Assisi, Fencepiece Road...

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A Rosary Meditation … The First Sorrowful Mystery, the Agony in the Garden. “Then He said to them, ‘My soul is sad, even unto death. Wait here and watch with me.’ ” Where is Jesus now, right now? In Heaven? Yes. God being everywhere , where else is He? Well, everywhere. But is there one place in particular? Yes, the Tabernacle in your parish church. Body, blood, soul, and divinity. All of Christ is right there, right now. And what else is there? When Mary lived in Ephesus she desired to be with, to follow her Son. And so, with a mother’s heart, she set up stones and such in a certain pattern so that she could walk from one to the other and remember the various places, stages of her last walk with Jesus. The one that led to the cross. Over time this practice spread. Lots of folks went to Jerusalem to trace these same steps but not everyone could do that then or now. And so we set up “stations” in the church, so that we can walk the path that Jesus walked to Calvary, the one His mother shared with Him. We can share it too, right there in church, right there with Him. It’s a way to wait and watch with Him. We can’t be there with Him 2,000 years ago but we can be there with Him today, Good Friday. The Rosary is a Marian devotion. So is the Way of the Cross. We can pray our Rosary with our Mother. We can walk beside her as she walks beside Him. We can wait upon the Lord. And God knows that not everyone can be in church today for the Stations. But wherever we are we can mentally walk that Way. If He wanted His friends to be with Him then, in the garden, no doubt He wants us with Him now. When He prayed that night we were in His heart. Today of all days let Him be in our hearts. Hopefully it’ll be habit-forming.

Today … St. Eustace. Abbot and the favorite disciple of St. Columbanus. He succeeded the great saint as the second abbot of Luxeuil, France. Many saints emerged from that venerable abbey of more than six hundred monks. All those saints? St. Eustace? St. Columbanus? There are different ways of phrasing it, but when push comes to shove there’s only one way of doing it, one path to being a saint. Its called the Way of the Cross.

St. Francis of Assisi

“We adore you and we bless you, Lord Jesus Christ, here and in all the churches which are in the whole world, because by your holy cross you have redeemed the world.” (St. Francis of Assisi, Deacon)

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Who’s Your Mamma? … Thursday, March 28

English: Christ Handing the Keys to St. Peter ...

The angel announced a lot more than a simple birth. There was a kingdom coming. It came. It’s still here. It always will be. Don’t be fooled by false prophets. There are many denominations. There is only ONE Holy Mother Church. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A Rosary Meditation … The First Joyful Mystery, the Annunciation. “He shall be great, and shall be called the Son of the Most High; and of His kingdom there shall be no end.” Luke 1:32-33. It has always amazed me that so many people, many well-meaning (and more than a few not so well-meaning), honestly believe that the Catholic Church isn’t THE Church and point to all the human mistakes and foibles down through the millennia as “proof”, missing entirely the miracle that THEY just proved without knowing it. “… and of His kingdom there shall be no end.” No starting and then stopping and then starting again. If the Church ever ceased to be the Church, for even one instant, then not only did the angel lie to Mary but Jesus lied to us all. “And I say to thee: That thou art Peter; and upon this rock I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.” Matthew 16:18. If Hell can’t overcome Christ’s Church how is that human frailties and foibles stand a chance? Didn’t He tell us bluntly that there would be weeds mixed in with the wheat and that scandals would come? See Matthew 13:26 and Matthew 18:7. So why be surprised when this happens? And why turn a blind eye to the obvious miracle? Someone says, “What obvious miracle?” The miracle is simple and right there in front of us all. For all the human mistakes, for all the weeds, for all the outside forces that have tried to destroy Her, from pagan Rome to modern nations hell-bent on abortion and homosexual marriage and so-called “separation” of church and state and the hate filled curbing of religious liberty, for all the scandals, both the real ones and the ones concocted by an anti-catholic media and press, SHE STILL STANDS! Just like the angel, bringing word directly from God, promised. Just like Jesus said. There has never been a time when the Church wasn’t, not from the time of Her founding til now. There has never been a need for a “Reformation”, a “Restoration”, or any real reason to “Protest”. There have been times when greater faith, in the face of all the satanic obstacles, was needed. And again, that the Church is still here proves that faith WAS given. The Church is the Body of Christ. To overcome Her would mean that Christ Himself, GOD ALMIGHTY, had been bested. Never happened, never will. Don’t listen to the world or the flesh or the devil. Listen to our Holy Mother Church. None of these others speak for God. She does. And she will continue to. (I told you I was back.)

Today … St. Gundelindis. Benedictine abbess of Niedermunster, also called Gwendoline. She was the daughter of the duke of Alsace, France, and a niece of St. Ottilia. OK, I’m partial to Benedictines. She is a simple, a pure example of a truth. And all we need to know about her is that she was. She died in 750. What was she? A Catholic. There are still Benedictine abbesses in 2013. And they’re Catholic. So? So what? Who cares? People with discernment care. Because simple, straightforward little facts like this prove a bigger fact. The Church WAS here. The Church STILL is here.

Quote … ““I would not believe in the Gospel if the authority of the Catholic Church did not move me to do so” ~ St. Augustine ~ People, there are a lot of things wrong with this world. The wrongs stem from many sources. In all of this there is a bark upon which we can float in the stormy sea of hate and doubt that the world engenders. The bark has a name. It is a gift from God and hasn’t changed in two thousand years. The Gift is your Mother, Holy Mother Church. Love your Mother. If you love God you can’t help but love His Body, His Bride. If you love Her you’ll love Him. … www.lovingthechurch.com … “Everyday, Jesus humbles himself just as He did when He came from His heavenly throne into the Virgin’s womb; everyday He comes to us and lets us see Him in abjection, when He descends from the bosom of the Father into the hands of the priest at the altar.” ~ St. Francis of Assisi ~ Only in God’s Church, only in God’s Church.

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Are We Better Off With or Without the Rosary? Take this simple challenge … March 27

The Fifteen Mysteries of the Rosary and the Vi...

The Fifteen Mysteries of the Rosary and the Virgin of the Rosary. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A Rosary Meditation“The rosary is the book of the blind, where souls see and there enact the greatest drama of love the world
has ever known; it is the book of the simple, which initiates them into mysteries and knowledge more
satisfying than the education of other men; it is the book of the aged, whose eyes close upon the shadow
of this world, and open on the substance of the next.  The power of the rosary is beyond description.”- Archbishop Fulton Sheen

If you are devoted to our Lady and Her Rosary, which devotion can lead you only to Her Son, take a minute and think about what your life would be like without that simple string of beads. What would your existence be like without the prayers, without the mysteries, without the connection it helps provide with the Divine?

If you are not devoted to our Lady and Her Rosary, with no real interest in approaching Her Son, take a minute and consider what your world would be like had there never been a Rosary. What would the world of today be like without all the prayers of countless yesterdays? What would your situation be like if the Mysteries of the Rosary were unknown, or worse, if they had never happened? What would the world be like without the Divine connection fostered by the Rosary? Consider, if you think things are bad now, how much worse would they be without the Rosary?

If you happen to fall somewhere in between these two mindsets, if you are perhaps “lukewarm” in reference to the Rosary, conduct a simple experiment. Agree to pray the Rosary for one month. Thirty days. Once you’ve made this commitment KEEP IT. At the end of one month, or thirty days (Don’t wait for a new calendar month to come around and don’t start “tomorrow”. Start counting the thirty days and start praying the Rosary TODAY.), compare your world then with your world now.

Today … St. Augusta. Virgin martyr, the daughter of the duke of Friuli, in Italy. It is reported that the duke was so infuriated by Augusta’s conversion to Christianity that he killed her with his own hand. Her shrine is near Treviso, in northern Italy. Now here is a true daughter of our Lady and a true child of God. She died in the fifth century, long before the Blessed Virgin gave St. Dominic the gift of the Rosary. A question here. St. Augusta had no Rosary in this life. Does she have one now? Are there Rosary’s in Heaven? Well, we know that the saints offer up prayers in Heaven, Revelation 5:8, and we know that in a great many Marian visitations our Mother appears, from Heaven, carrying a Rosary. If its good enough for our Mother, if its good enough for Heaven, its good enough for us.

Update … Well, obviously I’m back. I saw the doctor, he poked and prodded, and he gave me one of those tubes to blow in. You know, the one with the ball inside and the gauge markings on the outside. You blow in it and depending on how far the little ball moves that indicates your lung capacity. I blew, he took the tube, looked at it, and he laughed. “No ones ever done that before”, and he handed the thing back to me so I could see the results. The only reason the ball stopped where it did was because it hit the end of the tube. Call the Guinness Book of World Records! I set a record and I’m OK. Of course the people around me can testify to my lung capacity. Get me started talking and I seem to never run out of wind. God is merciful. To me anyway. I’m not sure what the folks who have to listen to me would say about that. Oh, sense of humor is intact as well. 😉

Creation Science

Creation of Adam ( )

Creation of Adam. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Creation Foundations-Creation Science – Creation Foundations Creation Science. … I found this website while “surfing”.

It’s not a Catholic site but certain things are across the board and it looks like it has some good info. And possibly some that’s not so good, but that gives us an opportunity to exercise discernment doesn’t it? Given that the good stuff kind of stands out, and is easy enough to discern, I figure this is a safe bet. Believing, as I do, that direct creation and true science are not mutually exclusive but rather go hand in hand I thought I’d share this. And … I’m back as of tomorrow a.m. 🙂


The Good Humor logo used until 2000

The Good Humor logo used until 2000. Its more than just food-stuff. Its a lifestyle. 😉 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Illness can do, and not do, a great many things. Like an iceberg, most of which is beneath water level, it can be hard to describe because certain portions are hidden or they parade as other issues. “Insidious” describes this aspect. But, like just about everything else in life, it’s a two-sided coin, having both its negative and positive aspects.

What illness CAN do …

Illness can force a person into a position of contemplation. It’s a little hard to do anything but think when all you can do is lay there. Thinking can be hard enough and can go in a variety of directions. Some prayer and a positive exercise of will, good will, can lead it, the thinking or contemplation that is, down appropriate paths.

Illness can make us rest whether we want to or not. And, just a thought, if we have to be MADE to rest, well, we’re probably overdue.

Illness, in giving us a chance to slow down, can provide an opportunity to explore new avenues. If the illness makes us weak the weakness may limit these avenues but it can’t take them away entirely. And this weakened state may itself lend itself to a kind of creativity. Example: I can’t do THIS, so whats left that I CAN do?

Illness can remind us that we aren’t made of steel. To admit our human frailty is an act of humility. Illness lends itself well to humility.

In our weakness illness can provide others with the opportunity to shine. If we didn’t need help they would never have the chance to obey Christ’s command to be charitable. Our illness is therefore useful to others.

What illness CAN’T do …

It can’t separate us from God.

It can’t make us be the disease. You are NOT your illness. You are still you and always will be.

It can’t make us unlovable. True, a hurting attitude on our part can give others pause but it can also provide both us and them with a growth opportunity. Even in what illness CAN’T do there are positives.

Illness can’t take away hope unless we let it. If we don’t let it then it gives us an even greater reason to hope.

And so …

Life, illness, dis-ease, is what you make it. More importantly, it’s what you allow God to make of it. The disease may get in our way. That doesn’t mean it gets in His way.

I’ll see the doctor this afternoon. If how I feel is any indication I’m as strong as a mule. Some would say I’ve the mentality of one as well. But I’m not going to see a shrink today, I’m going to see my general practitioner. I will go with my sense of humor intact. (I promised my doctor that I’d go out of this life laughing. He believes me.) He’ll let me know what else is intact. And I’ll keep you all posted. Happily, in a day or two, things will return to normal and I will “Blog on!” 😉

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Personal Update … Sirach 38

Cover of "Killers From Space"

“Killers From Space.” BTW, the aliens? They run their entire operation with electricity. Just so you’ll know.

Well, it looks as if I’ll live … Again. I’m much better and I want to thank everyone for both their prayers and well wishes. The past few days have been interesting to say the least. Doctors, pills, and prayer. Not necessarily the combination I’d have chosen but considering the outcome I’m satisfied it was best under the circumstances. I see my G.P. Monday p.m. for x-rays and verdict but considering how I feel currently I’m guessing that all is “go”. On the plus or minus side depending on your point of view I’ve discovered SEVERAL online sci-fi channels. They ALL show “Killers From Space“, 1954, with Peter Graves. If I hear Graves say, “Generators. Of course! You run your entire operation on electricity!”, one more time I’m gonna scream. Actually it is a fun movie, but after about the 18th (conservative estimate) time, well … Give me another two or three days and, depending on what the doctor says tomorrow, things should return to normal for me. I’ve never been real sure just what “normal” is for me, but we’ll trust God it’ll be what He wants it to be. 😉

A Personal Note

Well, looks like I was a lot sicker than I thought. Went to the E.R. Wed. night with a temp the equivalent of 104. Just got back home a little while ago. My G.P. told me to rest this next week, and take pills of course. After I post this I’ll be “off-line” and resting for at least 7 or 8 days, maybe a little longer. Then, well, I’ll be back God willing. 🙂 God bless all of you. I’ll check back in a week or so.

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