Computerism never ceases to unmaze me.

Flowchart in Technical Documentation

Flowchart in Technical Documentation relating to the activities of computer faeries and blogs. And rabbits in top hats. (Photo credit:



Computerism: All of the mysterious ins and outs revolving dizzily around computer related “stuff”. “Stuff” being a highly technical term used by people like me who are “unmazed” (Unmazed; definition: verb, The ability to be unfazed even while suffering from being amazed.) by computerism. Ah~hem.


On the right side of my blog is a column containing various links and etc. One of the thingies (Sorry, another technical term.) being a list of recent comments. And, wha~la!, it disappeared. I don’t know where or how it went, it just went. I share this bit of computerism so that the folks making comments will know that nothing has been removed or changed by me. I still get comments and answer them, the comments are still there and can be accessed via the link for that at the bottom of any given post. Just so you’ll know.


I do not, however, give up hope. Wherever this “stuff” went I trust it may come back. It is all probably hiding in the bottom of a top hat, with the rabbit. *sigh*


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  1. Loved it!!! Strange things happen on my blog also. Strange things are happening today. Every single time I do a comment, I have to sign in. Funny I signed in to get to my blog!!! There are things to be said for the days of “pen and paper.” God Bless, SR

    • Maybe we need to do a web search and see if there’s a way to get pen and paper over the internet. lol

  2. My recent comments are gone also. I am not getting any notifications of likes or comments either!!! I went to Support, but will be an old lady before they answer. Sometimes WP has more kinks in it then a chain. Everything was just fine before they went and re-did everything. I wonder what it is about humans that, “when it is not broke they need to fix it?” Gees……… Loved your comment back. God Bless, SR

  3. If you go and put your widget back up, the comments come back up with it. Go figure! God Bless, SR

    • Thank you. I did. I feel like Bullwinkle when he said to Rocky, “Watch me pull a rabbit out of this hat.” lol 🙂

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