Embarrassed? … Tuesday, February 19

English: Jesus Christ crowned with thorns.

Jesus Christ crowned with thorns. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A Rosary Meditation … The Third Sorrowful Mystery, the Crowning with Thorns. “Jesus therefore came forth, wearing the crown of thorns and the purple cloak.” John 19:5. From a purely human standpoint Jesus was in a shameful predicament, wasn’t He? No one likes to be made fun of much less made a spectacle, a show for a jeering crowd. Remember when you were in school? Remember how it felt to be made to stand in front of the class and write one hundred times “I will not and etc. in class again”? Or maybe be made to set facing the corner where everyone could see? Or, well, maybe I’m just showing my age because teachers aren’t allowed to do things like that anymore. And I’m probably telling off on myself as well. 🙂 Anyway, nobody enjoys being the center of attention when the situation is unpleasant. Jesus’ circumstances here were anything but pleasant. But it says “He came forth”. It doesn’t say that He was dragged or prodded or pushed and shoved. Lots of times in this world, especially in this ultra-liberal all to modern world of relativism and the “I’m OK, you’re OK” attitude that says to live and let live unless you’re in the womb or nursing home or you get the idea, if you are a real Catholic and not what I call the shopping cart variety that’s all Catholic as long as the Church does it your way (After all, who would know better than a shopping cart Catholic what needs to be checked out?) it can be an embarrassing situation. Not because you’re wrong or being some sort of tedious bore but because the world is warped and makes you stand out, stand in front of the black board writing one hundred times “I will fund abortions”, or set facing the corner in order to keep you and your faith private and out of the public square in an attempt to enforce the rule of separation of church and state that is an atheistic fallacy without a real basis in just law anyway. But we have Christ’s example to follow, even when it hurts. Crown of thorns or not He came forth. We need to as well.

Today … St. Ordan. Martyr and friend of St. Patrick. According to tradition, he drove Patrick’s chariot. Odran died when he changed places with Patrick in the vehicle just before an ambush by pagans was sprung. Obviously a person not afraid of coming forward when needed, even at the cost of self. THIS is how we follow Christ.

Words to live or die by … ‘He who has realized love for God in his heart is tireless, as Jeremiah says (cf. Jer. 17:16. LXX), in his pursuit of the Lord his God, and bears every hardship, reproach and insult nobly, never thinking the least evil of anyone.’ ~ St. Maximos the Confessor ~

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